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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Should I declare Beta Blocker as High pressure medication for travel insurance?

Hi I never had high blood pressure and still don’t however when I apply for travel insurance they have 2 questions, do I have high blood pressure = answer NO. Have I been prescribed medicine for high blood pressure = answer NO but of course I take the beta blocker which also helps reduces blood pressure. So I’m kind of caught in trap to respond YES when applying and hence has an impact on my premium etc. Highly annoying but don’t want to wish invalidating my cover. Same goes with The statin. They ask do I have high cholesterol NO, in fact very low, but then am I prescribed medicine for high cholesterol and of course it’s NO but we are generally prescribed a statin as it has other benefits too for cardiac arrest survivors so again I reluctantly responD YES again! And then my main bank account provided insurance for free won’t cover me and I have to pay a special additional premium!

Anyone had experience of same scenario?

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In the event of a claim insurance companies rely on a medical certificate from your GP. Before you decide what to declare make an appointment to see your GP and ask what they would put on any certificate; that way you will make sure you only declare what you have too.

Hope that helps.

Take care Ron.


Great advice, I didn’t think of that so last 2 years have responded affirmative across board & paid extra premium to be on safe side. I’ll talk to GP. Thanks


Glad that helps. My partner, like you, is a cardiac arrest survivor. He now has an implanted defibrillator (S-ICD). The only company that will now insure him is Good to Go insurance. The premium is astronomical for worldwide cover but worth it in case anything happens. Our GP is one of the best and helped us with a recent claim so we always check what he would put on any future claims certificate.

Good luck.


Hi .

Yes was caught in the same trap as you. I take beta blocker as well as statins.

Went to Canada this year and getting travel insurance was a pain. AT that moment in time my blood pressure was low and so was my cholesterol levels but speaking to people they suggested being honest is the best thing just in case. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you shop around you can get cheap insurance. But it's your choice. If you put down fase information while abroad it could be quite expensive to get treated . Best in the long run to be honest


Yes I agree, hence why last 2 years I’ve explained fully and accepted the extra premium. I’d rather pay that than a huge medical bill!

It’s just frustrating because the way the actuaries have structure the questions it assumes we all have the same set of issues.

Thanks and take care


Talk to the insurance company direct


Sorry if not clear, I do. But all you can do is talk to customer contact centre, whilst they refer you to different department they are all asking over simplistic questions created by underwriters that don’t really cover the scenario


That old trick ! If they go for redirecting ask for their supervisor and also request your call to be recorded taking names or company id number of employees ,date ,time etc.


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