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Suffering consistent bearable light chest pain after my angioplasty


I am suffering consistent bearable light chest pain after my angioplasty in July 2014. There have been many Tests and i have seen many NHS consultants/GPs but apparently no body is able to fix it. If it flare up, I have to take pain killers which i do very rarely but normally I just keep bearing it.

Not sure what the solution would be but I am looking forward the any past experiences of patients like me which may give me any solution.


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May not be the solution but there is a procedure where lindocaine (dental anethestic) is injected quite deep into the sternum. I had constant chest pain after my bypass for 5 years until I found a consultant who said "of course I can fix this", called the nurse and it's been perfect ever since.

But obviously you need to see a specialist as we're all different

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Only doctors can fix this. Stand your ground and insist on some action.

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