Ferrous Sulphate

I would like to thank all the folk on this blog who knew and posted that low iron can cause havoc with restless legs

My doc is quite interested and is doing some research

I had a blood iron level test a month ago and my readings were 6 where the parameters are 11 - 200 :(

Since taking the iron tablets i am now getting at least 4 hours sleep per night Yipee!!

I was unable to take Ropinerole and used to rely on co-codamol but the legs and arms were getting to screaming pitch.

Yesterday I had another iron blood test and am waiting for the results also the doc took a magnesium blood test also

Again ''Thanks a lot'' Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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  • Hi Daisyw, glad we could help....and that you are getting some better sleep. :)

  • Excellent news Daisy! and also good that your doctor is quite interested and doing research! The more docs doing that the better for all of us. :-)

  • Very good news.

  • Whooowooo. it took me 2o plus ydears to find a doc that knew about iron isnt that amazing. YES, it makes a world of diff. She also has me onf B12 as that was very low too. Dont forget about the diet free of salt, sugar, white flour. It makes a diff. Congrats. its a whole new life.

  • I read what you said and had a ferritin iron blood test today and am awaiting results with great interest !

  • hope it helps

  • I, too, have just had a ferritin & magnesium blood test today. I previously said, no, to amitriptyline and clonazapam was my zombie trial. I desperately don't want to do the dopamine ones. Currently I am doing strong cocodamol or sleepers with varying relief. My Gp admits that she does not know much RLS in depth and was interested in what I was telling her, about different theories and the drugs prescribed to others. (90% of my knowledge has come from this site - thank you!) Of course I would rather have to take essential minerals/vitamins than serious drugs, so I'm keeping everything crossed for all the ferritin testees here. Our results will be very interesting!

  • I'm sorry taking iron didn't work for you but we are all different and if my tale helps only one person it is worth recommending

  • Thankyou for all your replies and good wishes, with RLS you try anything and if you find something that works, even if only for a short time it's a bonus

    I've traded getting some sleep for a grumpy tummy but I feel for the moment i am ahead

  • thanks x

  • I will also ask my doctor for a magnesium blood test next time I see him, thanks Daisy

  • we have to help each other :)

  • one day maybe.........sometimes ''pigs might fly comes to mind'' lol

    as long as we keep on trying to convince people that there is such a complaint as RSL we'll get there

    what we need are more doctors who suffer from RSL, then things would get done :)

  • I'm glad to hear it worked for you, it doesn't work for everyone - you just get constipated.

    Magnesium tablets may help somewhat in the highest dosage.


  • I get the opposite to constipated but a co codamol sorts that out - what are we like :)

  • I'm glad to hear it worked for you, it doesn't work for everyone - you just get constipated.

    Magnesium tablets may help somewhat in the highest dosage.


  • Happy middle of the nite its my Birthday. Of course, you would guess what my number one wish is. For those of you taking Iron, they dont absorb well so my doc has me taking ascorbic acid with thm. I also want to remind you about the importance of you watching your diet. I can feel immediant difference when I eat gluton, sugar, salt and the like..And again, have your Vit. B12 checked. Hugs to all for HEALTHIER YEAR. BACCIB

  • The nurse at my anticoagulent clinic advised me to take the ferrous sulphate tablets with a glass of pure orange juice for the vitamin C, but my GP didn't care for the idea??

  • Yayyy excellent.

    If low iron doesn't work have a look at folate levels but never take folate without b12 being optimum it is dangerous.

    I strongly believe RLS is a nutritionally based problem.



  • ps. the 'low iron' that causes mine is not ferritin or Hb it is low 'serum iron' but we are all different.

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