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Hellish Night

It is 2.40 a.m. and as yet have had no sleep. The Tamazepen tablets are finished and I have nothing to replace them with yet (seeing G.P. in the morning). I took a cocktail of stuff before I went to bed in hopes of a little sleep. 5m.g. Melatonin. 4 Nytol (the stronger sort) and Two soluble co-codomol, but it hasn't heped at all. First my left leg started with the awful sensations then both my arms and then the right leg as well. I have just had to get up , walk about, watched the shopping channels for a time and am now at my computer. Is there never to be any peace? I want to ask the Doctor tomorrow if I can stay on the Temazepam but she probably will say no. What else can I find relief with? Because of the terrible skin I reation I had and it hasn't gone yet I am afraid to take any more Dopamine based drugs so what is there?. Has anyone heard of something called Horizan and can you get it in U.K.? Sorry I'm now waffling on a bit but you just get desperate don't you?

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hiya sorry to see your having a bad night of it but know what your saying ... i went to bed totally shattered not slept for 2 nights apart from hour or so as saying went to bed shattered bout midnight only to wake up at half past feeling like i'd got an inner explosion going on both arms and legs going crazy along with the electric shock sensation ggggrrrr and like you still awake and still going crazy.... :(

think we all get desperate at some point i asked a dr for some pain killers he said no .... :'( the dr i normally see not in she's gone on holiday and so i was left with a non believer he told me you don't get pain with RLS lmao but then last time i saw him he wouldn;t give anything for RLS either just told me to lose weight and go speed walking before bed lol ,

hope you manage to get back to bed soon and get some sleep :)


Lose Weight?? Bulsh! I lost 19 pounds and I am at low of normal

weight now. It hasn't helped me in the least.

My legs will not quit searching for a comfortable position to keep

still. They do not obey my will and my mind telling them that they

need to stop moving around...that keeps me awake.. I toss back

and forth trying to settle them down.

A walk (power walk or speed walk or stroll) keeps them on the move.

They want to walk until I have been in bed a good 5 hours or so.

Then they settle down as morning draws near when I have to get

up and get going.


That makes me so annoyed when you meet as you rightly say a non believer. My RLS, like many, does cause considerable pain, throbbing, electric trpe shocks, stabbing so I know the pain you are talking about. They are wrong. What meds are you taking? RLS for me is broken into two. The pain you talk about and then the horrible sensiry disturbance and faciculations which are not painfal but horrible and nasty.


The pain killers are good for RLS if you can take them....i cant, they dont like

Horizant isnt available here in the UK.. It is similar to Gabapentin, but gets absorbed differently. Maybe try Gabapentin, another one i tried and it didnt help my RLS and made me really sleepy in the day. But i know many people do get good relief from usual, we are all different with the meds, what works for one doesnt work for someone else, its all trial and error...


What are the ingredients in the formula of the Nytol you took? If you see diphendramine, it is on the "no-no" list. FOr MOST people it will send your RLS into overdrive, aso your "cocktail" last night could have been working against each other. treatment page-"drugs and foods to avoid". :)


Hello. Sorry to hear about your troubled nights. Yes we all have them and they are a nightmare. Problem with temazepam is it's not the first line of treatment for RLS and there are better treatments out there but we are all different. Temazepam only last I believe for four hours and I am not on any sleeping medication. I can't take the dopamine agonistls like you but the cocktail you took could all be clasing against each other and making the RLS worse or even causing rebound. I have as you will see from another comment both pain and the sensory disturbance that keeps you driven to distraction. I don't get it in the arms. Mssage, hot and cold press are only temporary measures as well. Are you getting the right amount of exercise. I find if you take too little or too much I am in trouble. The eplileptic type drugs like gabapentin or pregabalin might be worth discussing with your doctor. Do you experience pain with your RLS or the sensory symptoms alone? Hope you are having a better night tonight. I have just recently started pegabalin but am on other meds. Sleep deprivation is a problem for me too. The problem with something like temazepam is that it is not very long lasting can becomes less affective over time, like most hypnotics. If we could get our RLS under control we would sleep so it might be better to try and concentrate on that aspect of it and be firm but polite with your GP. Use information from here, I did. Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on with your GP. Also look at the sites and


Sorry the site above should be


I'm a little behind (2 years) for this reply - sorry about that. Hope you've found medication for your RLS. Mirapex is what I take - it works. RLS is neurological. Pain medications are rarely effective. Anti-depressants, Prozac, Zoloft, etc. exacerbate the condition. Even some natural supplements can. After years of no sleep, 2000-2005+, and a doctor who actually told me there was no medication for RLS, and that he could only recommend to his patients (me) to move heavy furniture or objects away from the bed to avoid hurting themselves (me)!!!!!! Can you believe this horsecrap?!!!! I changed doctors - not that this next one is the best - but he did immediately prescribe Mirapex, one of many medications specifically for RLS. I slept that night, all night, for the first time in more than five years!


I am glad you have found some help now and that the Mirapex is working for you. But i have to say that pain medications DO work for RLS. They are probably work better than the dopamine agonists, as you dont get augmentation from them like you do from the dopamine agonists. I would take pain meds in a shot if i could tolerate them...:)


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