Restless Legs Syndrome
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Oh Silent night

Dawn seems so far away, night so long and cruel

Strangers pass in cars unknown, unaware of the torment within these walls

The noise as they pass outside distracts me from my sleepless struggle

Daylight yet to scatter across my bleak horizon, the days routine distant to arrive.

Tell me why oh tell me why for some the pain that loses sleep

Awake while others slumber on, oblivious to our nightly torment

The house is silent save for the unrelenting tick of the kitchen clock

To remind how time can pass so slowly at this hour of day.

Mind games play, depression sets and life seems so unfair

Still others suffer far worse fates but this is no reward

My body twitches, my muscles tense and then the violent kick

As mind releases random blasts down nerves torn to shreds

Can any soul who does not have this affliction ever understand

Its just a joke to some and amusement abounds amongst ignorant friends

They cannot see nor want to see that it is so much more than that

RLS or ‘jiggy leg’ it makes no sense to some.

It is not ‘in the mind’, its fact, a medical condition proven

So take it seriously, have some care and try to understand

Its no joke, it ruins lives, destroys a persons being

Now rest a while and think on this and try to comprehend.

There is no ‘cure’ its here to stay and possibly get worse

Only drugs that help a while but sometimes don’t seem to work

But as the body uses them and gets to know them well

The curse gets worse and so demands that more and more gets used.

My bed screams out to have me back and how much I do crave

But should I weaken to lay down soon or will it just return

I have no answer, have no thoughts, without sleep my brain is shot

So I will try again but fear the worst, dawn is nearly here.

Written by me in the early hours of this morning

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:( :( great poem..but all the wrong reasons for writing one, guess it says it all Steve.


Loved it though,. Very descriptive!


WOW! Kind of brings it all into perspective really... excellent writing Steve, I am sorry you had such a pants night xxx


Trust me I am only sad at that time of the morning and thankfully only hits me like that at infrequent intervals but I just felt it right to put something on paper while I felt able. Thankyou for your very nice comments.


I hate that time of morning, when you realize, yes, it is going to get light AGAIN, and I am going to be awake AGAIN. :)


I echo Jean's comment.....sounds sooo sad..... :(


get it put in the newsletter Pinkellie :) with permission of course


I have notified the chair accordingly ;)




Lol yes I am a pushover when a person's intentions are good! I have to add to the chorus of approval for what you've written. It will resonate with so many of our members. I hope you will grant us permission to reproduce it in our next newsletter. Thank you for articulating what so many people have trouble expressing.


Hi Daragh, I am just so touched by the comments, it was just a simple pen to paper thing on the spur of the moment. I would be honoured if you were to put this in the news letter. Thankyou.

PS I spoke to you at the end of the conference when you asked for any volunteer trustees, don't forget to let me have details. Thanks again


great, look forward to seeing it in the next newsletter...err thats if you dont miss me on the list !!! :(


I'm sure that won't happen m'dear...... if we tell you on the forum when its been posted (those that have it posted) then you can be looking out for it, and if it doesn't arrive within a few days we can look into it for you xxx


he he he just making sure :)


:) :)


You know SteveT I think this must be the fastest commented on blog in the history of our new forum! In just an hour, its had as many comments as threads that have been up for days!!!! Its great to see the community come alive :)


wow!! says it all .... great writing ... such a lonely time of day

sal :)


We had a poetry contest in my support groups on yahoo, and lots of people wrote a lot of poems, and I am putting a little book together. Care to contribute wth proper credit give to you? It is just going to be a little booklet with about 50 poems, any money/profit going to charity. :)


Please do, I just can't believe the reaction, it is heart warming to know that people have read it and liked it. Poetry that doesn't rhyme isn't always appreciated but sometimes is says more than simply finding words that do rhyme even if they don't quite suit.


I take Ropinerole and get Acid straight after,so why


Right on Steve...!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Sad and true..sounds like I feel. (at times)

It stirs agony and defeat..

Good job Steve! Way to go.


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