Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have been taking magnesium tablets for about three months now, they are not helping. The only thing that I find does help is to lie on my stomach! Weird! When it gets really bad nothing helps. I didn't realise how many people suffer with this. I went into a big boots store to see if they could suggest anything, and they had never hard of it! I then went into Holland and Barrett, where two fantastic ladies knew exactly what I was talking about, they didn't make me feel like a freak. too much caffeine makes it worse. I guess I have just learned to live with it.

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I actually use the magnesium oil spray and it seems to help some days. Other days, as you well know, nothing helps. Yes, we do learn to live with RLS, but keep looking for that magic cure. If lying on your stomach helps, then by all means do it! I have to lie down with my legs higher than my head and it seems a bit better. Lots of walking exercise doesn't help me, although you would think it might. We just have to keep trying those things that MIGHT help. Hope today is a good day for you!


Magnesium never helped me only sent me to the loo frequently. You dont say if you take any medication for your RLS. If you have RLS severely then the meds. are usually the only thing which will help. You can try coping technics like most of us do, hot baths can help, stretching your legs can help. cold packs or heat can help. Caffeine and sugary stuff can make things worse for some people. Do research and thats what many of us do to learn how to cope.

There is not a cure, just meds to get relief and finding what works for you.

Look at this website it gives lots of info on RLS, also what meds can make it worse and food and drink.


I have started to take magnesium and have found some relief with is. I crust 2 x 300mg into a meal replacement dring then add 20 gram of protien powder and mix. This I have been doing for 2 weeks and have noticed an improvement. Not during the day but am sleeping better. I take 2mg of ropinorole and 1 tramedol an hour before bed. This is working for me at least I am sleeping for 4 to 5 hours which is a miricle. Good luck and as said before just keep trying different thing.


HI, I done a lot of research and I have found through trial and error that supplements are not not absorbed very well and the best way is transdermally through the skin, I've started using Pink Himalayan Salt 800g to 1Kg in a bath, £12 for 10kg on ebay! it contains a lot of minerals including Magnesium Chloride!

Best wishes



I've just started taking magnesium 250gm tablets x 1 at breakfast and using the spray if I feel my leg is about to start and, so far... It's worked! I bought the flakes too and have used them once in a foot bath. H & B were great with advice. I stopped taking Ripinerole x4mg as it was making me terribly nauseous. So back onto Mirapexin, 3 x 0.088, a couple of hours before bed. The two together are working... So getting a nights sleep! Woo hoo! But as we all know, RLS could just be taking a break as it's been really bad for the past 3 months. It's just great to get a proper sleep for a change!


I too find that lying on my stomach with my legs bowed outwards calms it down sometimes.Also helps with the flexor spasms in me mad right leg!Sleeping the opposite way round to my headboard and hooking my toes over the bottom bar to really stretch the tendons can also bring some relief for me.


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