I have been reading and article about magnesium and I'm taking already. I was surprised how this is so good for our bodies. I was wondering if there is a certain brand anyone uses that is best absorbed by the body? It's not only great for RLS is so good for your heart and so many Health benefits I'm so surprised doctors don't see that for us they never have mentioned that to me for my RLS.

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  • I know many people take magnesium for their RLS and it seems to work. It has never worked for me. There is no reason why it should work for RLS. I would think doctor's wouldnt think it would work for RLS either.

  • Magnesium is a mineral that is essential to life. We all used to get plenty in our diet without trying. Modern farming means that most of the magnesium in the soil has been used up so most of us have less than we used to. This affects people in different way and many have no obvious effects. One of the positive effects for many has been the relief of RLS. My RLS wasn't bad, I took magnesium for other reasons when I was doing a 'personal health check' of symptoms I realised I was no longer being bothered by restless legs. It convinced me.

  • I have magnesium bath salts and capsules also .. It is beneficial for us and is a natural relaxant ;)

  • Intravenous Magnesium solution is one of the lifepreserving 'go tos' in Emergency rooms. And yet it is almost ignored in general practise.

    There are many varieties of mg- each has different effects and modes of action.

    Chelates are best - citrate being probably the most commonly available.

    Oxide is the cheap one used in most products- if the label doesn't spell it out then it is certainly oxide. 80%just goes straight through the gut. Great if you want it as a laxative.

    Aspatarte is sometimes touted as being really good- but in trials has been responsible for some serious health issues- one to avoid.

    It is well to do a bit of Google research on mg to educate oneself. There are some good websites out there with excellent advice for respective ailments.

    For myself- I take 200mg of mg citrate (H nB) with my evening meal to help with sleeping (I'm on 10 mg oxycontin and have difficulty getting to sleep. Can't say if it's any help with rls.

    I do find a solution of Epsom salts and water (50/50) on my legs does help with the 'jitters' at night. My daughter found the same in her third trimester.!

    Some people get great satisfaction from a hot bath with about 500grms of epsom salts/ Bitter saltz mixed in- but don't spend more than 20 mins soaking - or all the bad stuff just goes back in again.😈

    All clear now???😆😎

  • been taking it for well over a year without effect on my rls ... I am at the end of my tether with rls .... and have had pramipexole from my GP . .... unfortunately it didn't really help ...... I am surviving on very little sleep just now ...I don't know where to turn ... desperate .

  • Lavagna are you saying the magnesium does not help with your RLS...? If the pramipexole hasnt worked then there are other RLS meds available. Look at this website its the British one it gives the list for meds.

  • Hi Artsy, I too just found out about the wonders of magnesium, I started taking it at night before bed, 400 mg which is the max I can find, and I sleep very soundly. I started it for the RLS but I don't feel it helps 100%, however, it relaxes me and I feel soooo comfortable. I found out about magnesium oil to rub n the legs from the suggestion of someone on this web site, I bought it, used it, got the same relaxing feeling in my legs but not complete comfort, I still take my meds, so I studied about it and seeing that it has so many good and healthy properties, I gave it a shot as a supplement and now I'm hooked. Again, like anything else, it works for some but not for other.

  • Yes magnesium is good for your. Having said that, if you have RLS you should rub Magnesium OIL onto your legs.

    I live in the UK and I buy Magnesium OIL from Holland and Barrett. I use this after my morning shower and before I go to bed. Don't just rub it in, you must wobble your muscles at the same time. I put it on my bum cheeks, the top of my legs and my calves. Try it, it's fantastic.

  • Different forms of magnesium do different things. Google magnesium taurate, magnesium malate, magnesium glycinate for more info. Sometimes results do not appear for a month or more. The eBook Magnificent Magnesium by Dr. Dennis Goodman has lots of info. Do not take magnesium within two hours of taking gabapentin. The taurate form seems to help me but not regularly. Different results for different people.

  • I buy over the counter cheapest magnesium u have best results if I take a vitamin D tablet with it I also eat a few almonds every day for the natural magnesium that and 4mg of Ropinerole and 2mg of Clonazepam works most nights.

  • Hi Artsy,

    I am about 5 years since I was diagnosed with RLS officially although I knew something was wrong for years before that. I have worked my way up through increasing doses of Requip and Lyrica combined to manage the symptoms but occasionally have RLS "flare ups" that the medication can just not control. Last week I had one such flare up and was getting pretty desperate after several nights of only 1 to 2 hours sleep. I had heard about but never tried magnesium but I started taking 2 x 375mg tablets from Monday of this week. I got a 180 tablet pack from Boots for £10. I immediately moved to getting 5 to 51/2 hours sleep per night and the RLS symptoms subsided almost completely. I have even woken feeling relaxed and calm. I know it has only been a few days but I am so grateful to even have had this reprieve. If the effect sustains I am going to start reducing my night time Lyrica as I would love to be using less meds. I know it isn't exactly a scientific study but my experience is telling me that maybe Magnesium can play a major part in treating my RLS (and maybe would work for others as well).

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