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Hello all,

This discussion board was set up on 12 March and two months on we have 150 members. This is good and bad; good in the sense that we are building a strong community of people who can share their experiences of RLS but bad in that so many of us remain desperate for help and have to resort to the Internet to get that help.

It is clear that awareness of RLS is increasing, each of you demonstrate this. Please can I ask those of you who have not yet printed off one of our A4 posters to visit our website ( and do so. Put one up in your local library, doctor's surgery, church building, community hall, shop, school, anywhere! We need to raise awareness so people who are currently where you once were i.e. looking for community, understanding and answers, know where to turn to. I will happily print off some posters and send them to you if needed. Please email me ( to obtain some.

Please also remember that we are a small charity and rely on our membership fees, donations etc to keep going. If you have not yet become a member, please do so. It only costs £10 per year but all of those membership fees add up and allow us to continue our work. All of the trustees of RLS-UK are volunteers so not one penny of your money is spent on wages etc. A membership form can be printed off from our website (

Thank you all or your support and the time you dedicate to helping others on this forum.

Warm regards,


Daragh Bogan, Chair RLS-UK

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Thank you Daragh. We most certainly do need to raise awareness, as we see from the messages on this forum.

Daragh will print off and send the posters to us, if we message him our name and address. The membership fee is minimal. We can all do our little bit to help promote the charity and its good work and it does not take much time out of our busy lives to do so, does it? ;) :)

Do your good deed TODAY! :-D

Kaarina :)


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