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RLS-UK Merchandise now available - let's raise awareness of RLS!!


You can now buy our RLS-UK Merchandise (folding shopping bag, pen and trolley key) from the 'Shop' section of the RLS-UK website - rls-uk.org

We have suggested £5 for all three items, including UK delivery, which will be viewed as a donation to the charity - you are not obliged to donate the suggested £5. If you would like to pay more or less, please feel free to contact us.

This is not a profit-making exercise. We are trying to raise awareness of RLS and cover our costs at the same time. The foldaway bag says 'Too tired to shop' on one side, which is a message we are sure will resonate with many people living with RLS!

If you have any thoughts, please provide them below.

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I love them! Maybe at some point, when you get going a bit, a T Shirt that says" too tired too shop" would also be awesome. I love all of them. Good job! Will order soon. better than other things I have seen.

I also like that it says Restless Legs Syndrome in black on white lettering. RLS shows up better and it says Restless Legs Syndrome and not some other foolish name. ;)


The folding shopping bag - are the handles long enough to carry on the shoulder please? Will these items be available at the AGM on the 7th?

Hidden in reply to Kaarina

there is a pick of the bag on rls/uk facebook page Kaarina, and it looks big enough :)

KaarinaAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the tip, Tallula. Just had a look. Gives one a much better idea of how the bag looks when in use. The handles are not as long as I would have liked but as the bag is so lovely and deep that is the best way to carry the bag and the logo is then loud and clear. Hope I shall be able to "buy" one at the AGM on the 7th.

Hidden in reply to Kaarina

your welcome, yes a good size bag really

DaraghAdministrator in reply to Kaarina

These will be available at the AGM on Saturday. It's great to get so much positive feedback!!!

KaarinaAdministrator in reply to Daragh

I will get one there then :)

Hidden in reply to Daragh

can you please tell me what the AGM stands for and were on Saturday &which sat

DaraghAdministrator in reply to Hidden

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. The RLS-UK charity's AGM takes place on Saturday 7th September in central London. Please contact me chair@rls-uk.org if you would like to attend or if you require further details.

Hidden in reply to Daragh

thanks for that I would love to attend but unfortunately have other commitments its such a long way I live in the north of England and could not possibly be able to make it thanks

jubilee in reply to Hidden

me too unable to get to London

M4gill in reply to Daragh

I can't attend anything like this either as I am in Scotland, can you tell me if there are any groups or anything like that here please

m1946 in reply to Daragh

Good morning Chair. Are minutes available from the AGM?Malcolm


hi just purchased these items


Done my bit for awareness as its RLS Awareness Day today. i have three lovely pens....!! :)

They do look good, and will be ordering some. Its a pity the meetings are in London as its way too far for me to travel at the moment. This group is great and I will put a link to it on my website and facebook :) xxx

Do you think these items will some day be available to members in Canada?

DaraghAdministrator in reply to Bella5

Hi there

We would be very pleased to send to Canada but would just ask that you pay a little more to cover the additional postage!!

Thank you

Daragh, Chair RLS-UK

Oh for sure - but can you let me know what the shipping charges might be. Thank you.

I think our should have w.e.d put on the stuff as they want to name it more to that as it's not really just in the legs to must of us xx

In USA they have changed their network from RLS to Willis Ekbom Disease as they felt RLS did not communicate the seriousness and trauma of the experience of having RLS.

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