Have you printed off a poster from the rls-uk.org website and put one up in your local GP's surgery / library / community centre?

Hello All,

One of RLS-UK's primary objectives is to raise awareness of Restless Legs Syndrome. In the past month I have written to councils all over the UK asking them for their cooperation and a significant number have come back with offers to display our posters etc. Unfortunately a significant number also refused, some with good reasons and some with not so good reasons. You may also have noticed that our Treasurer featured in the Derby Telegraph a few weeks ago. Unfortunately this was the only paper who offered to run a story on RLS, despite my contacting numerous media groups.

I need your help in raising awareness of RLS. It is only through increased awareness that the condition will be afforded the respect it deserves.

Please visit rls-uk.org and go to the membership page. While I encourage you to join our charity (for £10 per year, a sum which contributes to our operating costs), I understand that some of you would prefer not to do this or are unable to. However, you can help us in other ways. On the 'Membership' page is a link to a poster, a poster which you can print off and circulate in your local community. In turn, someone else may see the poster and do the same. Raising awareness will take time but we can do it more quickly by working together. If you do not have a printer or would prefer me to send you some posters in the post, please contact me either by private message on HealthUnlocked or via email chair@rls-uk.org

If you are willing to commit to displaying some posters in your local area (UK only as our posters relate to a UK registered charity), please comment below. It will give a good indication of how effective we are being, together, in raising awareness.

I hope you are all enjoying the new forum/discussion board and finding it easy to use. We currently have almost 80 subscribers to it so it seems to be taking off!

Please always feel free to contact me, as detailed above, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions as to how we can improve.

I hope you all have a restful weekend.

Daragh (Chair, RLS-UK)

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  • No takers as of yet!

  • I will print one off and give it to my Doctor's surgery as soon as I can. Not very motivated to do stuff at the mo coz of sleepless nights with RLS.

  • Thank you! Much appreciated.

  • I am working on it, i have a printer but need to get off my backside and print off some posters..


  • Thanks Irene. Your help is very much appreciated!


  • I have a printer but the colour is not working. :( Is there a big difference between the new poster and the old ones I received when I joined the charity? The old ones are in our local pharmacy, surgery and day centre.

    Kaarina :)

  • Hi Kaarina

    The new posters have our new contact details and our new web address. Would happily print a few off for you and send them if you would be kind enough to replace the ones in your locality. Please email me your contact details if you would be willing to do this. Thank you very much for your help!


  • Hi Daragh

    I have messaged you my contact details.

    Kaarina :)

  • Received Kaarina. Thank you!

  • hello

    i am new to ths new sight i used to go on the old one but this one is much better i am happy to print some posters off and put up in my gps waiting room but i cant find the poster to print

    do i have to contact someone to get an oridginal poster ?

    best wishes


  • Hi there

    Thank you for your feedback and kind offer. A link to the poster can be found on the 'Membership' page on rls-uk.org. I will happily print some off and post to you. Please message me your name and address and I will get them off to you.

    Thanks once again


  • dear Daragh

    thank you for the reminder

    i forgot to activate

    will message you



  • Hi Daragh

    Many thanks for the five posters received on Friday. I shall have a little adventure next week, :) asking if they will put a poster on their notice board or similar at various venues. I know a couple of places will accept as the old poster is there at the moment. I have a couple more ideas of where to ask. I shall keep you posted.

    Kaarina :)

  • That's great news Kaarina. Many thanks for your help. Hopefully others will follow suit!!!

  • Let's hope so. It is something we can all do which is not time consuming and is a good way in raising awareness of RLS.

    Kaarina :)

  • Hi Daragh :)

    Mission accomplished :-D

    One at the local Family Health Centre

    One at the local Complimentary Health Centre

    Two at the local Surgery

    One at the local chemist nearest the surgery

    Cuppa tea now! :)


  • Thank you very much Kaarina. I'm extremely grateful.

    I hope that more of the near one hundred users of this forum will do the same!

    The committee of RLS-UK are all volunteers and we appreciate any help in raising awareness.

    Thanks again


  • My printer is sadly broken, but I do a lot of awareness work. Got to get that thing fixed, though! :o)

  • Hi nightdancer

    Daragh kindly sent me copies in the post that I then distributed locally.

    Should you wish to do this, if you message him with your name and address and how many copies, I am sure he will gladly put them in the post for you. :)

    Kaarina :)

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