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New Forum now open

The new RLS-UK forum is now open on our website ( You can log in, read and comment on threads or start your own discussion! We can now restrict and/or ban users who abuse the forum - this should hugely benefit both administrators and members!

We need you to join the forum for it to work and would appreciate if you could please take a few moments to visit the forum (link is at top of our website).

Thank you

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I have just been on the new forum.

How do you join?

I tried signing in but I do not belong to facebook etc.

If we are a member on here are we not automatically members on there?

Thank you Jimeka


Right hand side of the home page "Becoming a Member". Here is a link!membership/c2l7


Thank you Pete. Cheers Jimeka


I already am a member of RLS to which I pay every year, but how do I sign in.

Thanks to anyone who can help. Jimeka


Hi Jimeka,

The new forum requires people to register/log in using a social media presence, such as Facebook, Google+ etc.


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