Today is RLS Awareness Day!

Hello all,

As indicated in the title above, today is RLS Awareness Day, a day which is being marked in countries all over the world.

To mark the day, we ask a simple request of you...

If you have a facebook page, please visit our and 'like' us. Also, please share our website on your profile page and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Let's raise awareness of RLS together!

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  • Done..! :)

  • Done, done and done. ;)

  • done

  • Have done!

  • It is also my 59th birthday, the 33rd with RLS/WED

  • Have a wonderful birthday celebration. Kinda bitter sweet

    knowing that 33 yrs of your life you had rls.

  • Thank you my dear!

    Yes, I've been living with this terrible terrible disease moore than half of my life. Actually I do not understand how I managed.

  • Yep, me too.

  • Done. I'm pleased that as many people as possible are being made aware of this awful syndrome.

  • They actually have a rls seminar today about 200 miles from me. They

    do an amazing job at that convention..or meeting, whatever you want

    to call's in Minnesota...I wanted to go so bad..but I am freelancing

    and I have some due assignments.. Thanks for the reminder of what

    today's posting will be about.

  • Where is everyone?

  • Kaarina, on the RLS-UK facebook page, there are 25 clicks for like and 54 shares. :)

  • LOL Elisse, when I look on my FB page I see 53 shares, 27 likes and 5 comments.

  • Tried to but I keep getting a reply of unable to find will keep trying Missymaz

  • Hi Missymaz, if you already have a FB Page I do not understand why you cannot get onto it if you click the first link at the top of this page.

  • Thanks all done

  • Yay! Good on you! I am there too. ;)

  • I have also carried out your request. The more people know about this, the better.

  • done on facebook happy birthday for yesterday swedish hope it was a good one

  • RLS awareness day - oh dear I wasn't aware of that. lol.

  • Hi Pete, now you know, have you done something about it? ;) :-D

  • Kaarina, oh yes.

  • Kaarina likes this :-D

  • Done. Like Pete-1 I wasn't aware of this and it's a pleasure to be able to spread the word. It's amazing how many people I have told about RLS in my own circle of friends who suddenly realise they are going through similar symptoms they have been unable to explain and it has given them a starting point. I always direct them to this site so they can find out more

  • kev from Brisbane, Australia. Saw my GP Monday Morning Asking for a revue of tablets. I am definately convinced that I have the classic symtoms caused by the Drug Pramipexole (Sifrol).

    I came off Sifol Sunday 22nd Sep, and did notice some rls during that night. Monday 23rd Sep, absolute bad night

    and had real trouble sleeping. had about one and half hours rest.Tue 23rd, went to bed early very tired out. slept badly with Bedding scattered every where. I have noticed that I have a dry mouth, probably withdrawal symtoms. I really need to come off this tablet, and hope that things will get better. I am pleased that there is a recognised RLS Day. Thank you.

  • Good advice from Elisse, Kev. Hang on in there. Yes, it is good there is a RLS Awareness Day.

  • Oh dear.. the second night was one of the worst nights ever

    when I quit cold turkey..I ended up back on it. I really feel for

    you.. is it possible for the doctor to prescribe for you a

    stronger narcotic? I absolutely needed it.. at least during the

    withdraw. Thanks for checking in to let us know that you are

    doing okay despite the bad time of getting off it. Keep us

    posted on your journey.

  • Hi, the withdrawals can be a nightmare for most, stay with it, the dopamine receptors are protesting they still want the dopamine... Have you gone cold turkey, or weaning off, its best to wean off gradually, altho doing either will still result in bad nights, but weaning its best, cold turkey could give you problems.

    Have you got another tablets to replace the Sifrol yet, from your doctor, you will still need something for your RLS.

  • Thanks Elisse & Kaarina,

    Doctor happy for me going cold turkey, doing Ok so far.

  • If your legs start in bad, there are narcotics that will indeed help

    you for a few nights. Many had to go that route.

  • Hi All,

    hard getting to sleep again. Fell out of bed 1.30am, resorted to taking Oxazepam . finally slept until seven. Seeing my Phsychiatrist now. will keep you posted.

  • Thanks for letting us know how its going,... :)

  • Sorry I missed the day but its my pleasure to spread your work and better late than never.

  • Hi Kev

    How are you going on? I am sorry to hear that you fell out of bed. I hope it was a fairly soft landing. I hope your appointment was a positive one.


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