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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Urgent - UPDATED: Newspaper Case Studies needed

Good morning all,

Yesterday I spent the day writing to local newpapers across the UK. In the end I wrote to about 400 papers.

We have been contacted by newspapers this morning who are willing to run an article on RLS, which is wonderful given that I only sent the emails yesterday.

So, I need volunteers who would be willing to act as case studies. Please note that you would need to be or be willing to become a member of the RLS-UK charity to take part (as you would be acting as an RLS-UK charity case study).

The areas where we need volunteers for are:

1. Borehamwood, Elstree, Radlett and/or Aldenham in Hertfordshire or close by

2. Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth in Warwickshire or close by

3. Leicester / Leicestershire

4. Wigan or Leigh, Greater Manchester or close by

5. Bradford or close by

6. East Sussex or West Kent

7. Birmingham - Volunteer confirmed

If you live in or close by to any of these areas and would like to participate, please send me a private message, preferably to my charity email address chair@rls-uk.org

The list above will be updated as and when I receive responses so please keep checking back!


Daragh, Chair RLS-UK

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great news, wish i was nearer, hope you get some more response, well done :D


Brilliant news, i know you worked hard yesterday AND it was Sunday... None of those areas are near to me.. Maybe you will get some in the south coast areas soon. :)


This is a brilliant idea, I wish I was nearer to be able to volunteer, hopefully it can be rolled out to Scotland as there are definitely not enough medical staff or members of the public who understand just how debilitating this disease is


Ready and willing in Wales, it is not as though I have loads to do at 3am!!!


That is great news, cefndaniel, that you are in one of those areas mentioned, seen this thread and most of all willing to participate. Good on you! :):):)


I live in Wales and have been wanting more support and networks in wales, so hopefully not long before something is here for us. willing to do story too.


Thanks for your efforts. Let me know if volunteers are needed on the south coast.


Great news, We need some real coordination and so many people obviously need support i live on the south coast to.. I have had no experience of all these drugs people are on but I am willing to help.Thank you for all your hard work.


This is great news.

There are many organisations and entities from all walks of life who want 'information' and 'news'. They want to know about RLS. Many will hear or read about the symptoms of RLS for the first time and I am sure that there will be many like me who on reading about RLS for the first time was at last able to say' So THAT is what I have been unknowingly sufferring from for the past 50 years' and to take positive action to alleviate that pain and very importantly, to communicate to fellow sufferers as I am doing now.

Unfortunalely I live in France so not able to help but I hope that what I write helps some Members to think more 'out of the box' and reply to my questions and in doing so communicate more thoughts to other Members That is how it all happens!.

Thanks Daragh!


I deleted a comment i put on, as i see that Daragh has put the list of places on here, which i didnt notice.... :)


I would but I'm not near anywhere! Thanks for your efforts daragh.....if a newspaper is willing to travel though??????


I would have done one but non are near where I live!


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