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I found a complete cure for RLS

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I’ve suffered RLS many years, the only thing that worked was strong analgesics which gave me bad side effects.

I’ve tried many many cures and nothing seems to work but I found this by trail and error.

It works 100% for me and NO PILLS !

I took some menthol crystals and ground them into very fine powder. I mixed them into an aqueous cream (a strong mix)

later that night when RLS attacked I applied this lotion to the effected areas mainly back of legs.

After 15 minutes the RLS was gone ...my legs were really cool, almost cold but it masked or drowned out the pain of RLS

It works every time for me...it’s a little strange at first but far better than the torture of RLS..if you try this keep it away from your eyes. Experiment with strength of cream mix.

It might work for you.

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Great that you've found something that works for you. How did you discover this?

I'd have to rub it practically all over!

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I developed hives on my wrist after a chemical exposure

..the menthol/aqueous cream was again the only thing that relived it ...so I tried it for my RLS

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Cool! 😂

Someone found Tiger Balm helped! Maybe similar reaction?

I've a feeling that Raffs experimented with covering his wife with peppermint chocolate, but he had to lick it all off. Or maybe it was the other way round? 😋🤣

I do get a bit mixed up these confusing days.

Great that you discovered a successful treatment. Have you patented it??

Where do you get menthol crystals?

Roughly what proportions did you find best ?


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E bay for menthol crystals ...any aqueous cream will do

It is really a VERY effective treatment.

1/3rd of an egg cup full of menthol powder to half cup of aqueous cream. I use a little glass beaker and the rounded end of a table knife to pummel the crystals to powder...Keep away from eyes !

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Vick's Vaporub!

My parents used to rub it on me when I was small. They said I had a weak chest.

It has camphor, eucalyptus and menthol in it. They say menthol is an analgesic.

Might save all that pummelling

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I’m afraid not. ..it’s simply not strong enough

The lotion has to be very strong for it to have any chance of working.

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I use deep freeze gel which has menthol for my legs sometimes. Its used for sports aches and pains.

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Industrial strength Vaporub?

Could take my skin off!

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I was desperate one night about a week ago and I went looking for ANYTHING in my cabinet. I did try tiger balm that night and I did fall asleep a Short time later.

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How much of each did you use?

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1/3 egg cup of menthol powder to half cup of aqueous cream...experiment, use trial and error but it MUST be very strong.

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Interesting, may try as I got some menthol crystals from Morocco a few years ago for sniffing when congested....need cream tho....good idea to try x

Hey, cool! I'll have to try that. Thanks!

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That sounds worth a try bril.

I bought Uddermint Cream it was recommended to me even though it's used to sooth cows udders. It is really cold when on in fact first night I used it on my legs, I woke up through the night freezing cold and had to add extra layers, it helped my rls for awhile but then became unhelpful, I have since went onto different meds from my GP Ampitripilin which was fantastic at first but again stopped working I did get a right few months from it and was thrilled I even put it on here with most saying no its useless at least a few months was better than none.

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You can buy menthol crystals from any chemist and aqueous cream is a £1 in discount stores... Going out to buy today

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Hi Cloudhop!!

I live in the US as I understand this is a British website. I found it by coincidence, looking for help for my RLS. It has bothered me for a few years now and I know how horrible it can be. I was very surprised to know that you found menthol can cure it. I will tell you my experience. I suffer from some pains and started using a lotion called Aspercreme that has lidocaine in it to help with the pains. Despite the pains I was struggling with the RLS and nothing I tried seemed to help. A few months ago they didn't have Aspercreme at the drugstore (chemist as you call it) and I found something similar called IcyHot (same factory). The only difference between the two was that this one had MENTHOL in it!! . So, I bought it and started using it for my leg pains... Then I realized it was actually helping me with my RLS! It was like a miracle!

I told my doctor about and she was very surprised but didn't say much. I will tell her about your experience.

Today I was looking for something different and found this website and your post. I just couldn't believe it! I told my husband and he found a website where he can buy the menthol crystals and the aqueous cream!! Thank you!!! You cannot imagine how happy I am!!

Best wishes!!!

P.S. If someone feels like replying to me, I will be very happy!!!

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I cured mine by coming off all medications and putting my feet in a bowl of very cold water and drinking 4 units of alcohol and then going to bed

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