Don't Laugh, I May Have the Cure for RLS

Don't Laugh, I May Have the Cure for RLS

I have suffered with RLS for at least 30 years. After a long struggle, I am on Myrapex and hardly ever have RLS anymore. However, sometimes I still get it. For many years, I have suspected that aspartame may cause my RLS. I recently spoke to my daughter who is 38 and has had glaucoma since she was 11. She told me that aspartame affects her vision so she no longer can tolerate it. That sparked my thinking (before my Myrapex) that aspartame affected me as well. I did little experiments with the amount of aspartame I consumed through the years and it always turned out that the more aspartame I had, the more my RLS acted up. Oh well, that's my theory!

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  • Aspartame & other artificial sweeteners are definitely triggers for a lot of people with RLS. It's not called the devil's candy for nothing! However, not taking it is not a cure for RLS- I have never taken aspartame or artificial sweeteners but still get RLS.

    Glad that Mirapex controls your RLS but be careful not to increase the dose and watch out for augmentation ( when mirapex stops working and symptoms become worse).

  • Good to know! Thank you

  • Thank you for your post, it's certainly something that I hadn't considered, but will test it out. Anything is worth trying!

  • I can't laugh? That's not fair I have a good comedy for tonight and was hoping to get a few laughs :)

    You are spot on about aspertame - it is an excitotoxin and for me it sends my RLS off really bad, glad you are getting relief.

    Please take care with the Mirapexin - there are many side-effects you NEED to know about and should have someone close to you know and understand them too. Also read up on Augmentation that can occur with that drug too:


    Take care.

  • Definately no cure for RLS, just treatments to keep it under control

  • Thx to everyone for responding to my "don't laugh" comment. It's always great to receive any information about this crazy medical issue. We can learn from one another. Btw, I have a YouTube channel named, Palm Springs Cindy. I did a segment on my RLS. I received interesting feedback. If anyone is interested, please go to my channel.

  • Cindy,

    Hi! I just watched your youtube on RLS. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing (in laymans terms) what it is and what you experienced. That is so helpful and relieving to others who might be experiencing the same thing and be scared. I am originally from Texas, so howdy neighbor! I was orginally diagnosed with PLMS in 2011 and put on pramipexole. It worked miracles for 4 years. In 2015 I started getting concious daytime leg movements and horrible pain. I was always needing to move my legs. I did not think I was nuts, but instead got very scared because I did not know what was going on with my body. You said you were scared of muscular dystrophy; for me it was Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, or slowly losing the use of my legs. Nobody should have to worry about developing these at any age, but to worry about those things (ie. Parkinson's) at age 34???. I am now 36 and am still getting used to my fairly recent diagnosis of RLS. Culprit: I starting augmenting on Pramipexole in 2015. Mirapex is (was) wonderful. I'm so glad it's working for you, but please be careful and read up on Augmentation. My prescribing doctor never mentioned augmentation; yours might not have either. I know it doesn't do any good to be mad at him; I have what I have and need to turn my energies towards learning how to live with it. (To be honest, though, if still lived on the same continent as he I'd go give him a piece of my mind). I moved from the USA to Norway in 2013.

    Take care,

  • Hi Jess, I'm thrilled to hear you watched my YouTube video explaining RLS. I've never heard of augmentation until the other day when I joined this site. I am believing it will not happen to me. Or if it does there will be a next step to move into something else to heal me. My RLS is so extreme I don't know how I could live without some form of meds to control it. I have taken Myrapex for probably 10 years after trying so many drugs. It stopped my RLS in its tracks. Time will tell. How the heck is Norway??

  • Yeah, I know what you mean about the meds.! They are what has saved me from ending it all. Way to go believing Augmentation won't happen to you!! Mind over matter!! They always tell you (in the psychology world) that the more you believe something the more likely it is to occur (or something like that). I am currently on the Neupro patch, but the effect has (all of a sudden) seemed to lessen. I'm waiting for my neurologist to call me back so I can make an appointment. He's on vacation (as are most Norwegians in July).

    Norway is awesome! Life's pace is so much slower here compared to that of the States! The country is beautiful! The only complaint I have is how hard it is for someone not coming in on a job (like my husband) has it in finding a job. Therefore, I do not work (yet - still hoping!) It's probably for the best, though, seeing as I'd probably fall asleep on it! I manage to stay busy, though.

    Take care,

  • Hi Jess, Part of my positive thinking has to do with the fact that I am a Christian and believe that God works everything for good in my life. Dont get me wrong, I have lived with great tragedy, but somehow I got through it and so did my loved ones. Im not a crazy Bible thumper, but I believe I walk in favor. If you would like prayer for something, please let me know. Be specific, I will lift it in prayer as you silently agree with me.

    If this freaks you out, no worries my friend.

  • Doesn't freak me out. A little skeptical, but not freaked out. I'm glad you found something that works for you. I hope it continues!

    Take care,

  • Glad it worked for you. I've not had aspartame for 30 years and back then I didn't have RLS. I eat a pure healthy, non processed diet with no ultra processed foods. But, I've had RLS for 25 years. Mine may come from adult onset celiac disease.

  • With due respect, that's not a cure. If you were cured, you wouldn't be taking anything.

  • Duh, of course..... you are so right

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