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I may have found a cure.........again!

Hi all,

this is a light hearted post about my latest cure.......yesterday. I was in the wildest part of my garden intending to strim away a patch of nettles with my new strimmer.

I decided to wear my old shorts and a T shirt because it gets a bit messy. It didn't take long to realise that the shorts were a mistake because nettle fragments sting when they hit your legs, I thought it was just bits hitting me at speed but it was mostly stingers but being an idiot I carried on.

Normally wasp stings and nettles don't bother me too much but when I had finished and hosed all the green stuff off my legs they were tingling like mad, by 7 pm that had stopped but guess what..........yes you are all way ahead of me, no RLS last night.

I am not sure if I should try it again, any ideas guys?


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Mmmm, I do notice that I don't seem to mind the stingers...we should research it.


This is quite interesting!!! I always find that if i can somehow create an overide to the RLS such as scratching like mad, shaving my legs, rubbing with exfoliating gloves..I can get relief for at least a while. Maybe the stingers work in the same way and the lady who uses dove soap, maybe the soap is tightening the skin and affecting the nerves a bit....mmmmm interesting!!!


Shall hall we make nettle and dove soap cream ouch Eee ouch Eee There be bibles every were hahaha


Ok guys I will leave the research upto


A pain a day keeps the RLS away.

I've found the RLS vanishes when I have unrelated pain. I wondered if it is to do with endorphins.

When I've been ill I've not had the RLS

You know when you get that got to be really active to stop the jumps and twinge? Well I have slapped myself across the face and found it helped. The wife refuses to do it for me.

Oh, question. Do masochists or self-harmers suffer from RLS?


not sure about that one ,but i have often felt like putting a knife into the trigger points!!!


Umm..really? You slapped your own face? What a character.

Sorry, I can't hold back laughter however, if it's working for you

then get slap happy. If I lived there, I would volunteer to be the

slapper! haha =DD.


All ways new you was a good slapper !!


Slap Happy indeed. =)


For me, Bee stings are not an option. My mother's throat closed when she was

stung by just one was the 20th sting that she ever had in her lifetime.

She lived...I don't know how but they pulled her back to earth.

On my dad's side, My Grandmother's heart stopped. She didn't recover. Just one

bee stung her - she was a lady who loved to garden and often was stung. = /..

Anyone who tries this...have fun with it but be careful. Anyone who gets stung

in my family has to take Benedryl... 50mg. I am just too scared to try this.

If you do try it though, keep in touch.. let us know how it's going. Very interesting.

Thanks for a reasonable suggestion or idea.


I don't think nettle stings are going to cure your RLS I think your clutching at draws there


Ya can't say that quite yet. Distracted pain is not unheard of.

Once (more recently) I pinched a clothespin between my nose

and upper lip.. didn't feel real great however, it did end RLS for

as long as I left it there...Until I couldn't stand the pain anymore.

I made a decision on that day to take up a new hobby. I had too

much time on my hands to be thinking of ways to distract myself.

My family thought I went off the deep end and in hind site, yes

I did. I was without sleep 4 nights. (very limited sleep)


Hi Yikes,

My light hearted post has cause a storm of humour , must do it more often ...........

Re your lip clamp, we do this to horses to calm them and make them easier to handle its called a Twitch, also if you would want to disable an attacker a thumb jabbed there will do the trick, though I HAVNT tried it on a


I have heard of people who when they have the flu, they seem to be RLS free, its as if the brain is using its signals to fight the virus, hence leaving the RLS alone. My theory, nothing set in stone.

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YAAAAHHH Elisse.!!! I 100% believe your theory!

How is your rotten cold?


Still rotten but getting there... :)


Keep thinking "This Too Shall Pass"


Exactly right, and I can also attest to the fact that when many people have migraines, the RLS is quiet.. My personal experience says that is true also, at least for some.


I am loving reading all these posts! If nothing else they make me laugh. Keep 'em coming guys x


RLS humour, I suggest an on site competition for all the variations that the letters RLS can stand for, in my case it will be "Really Lazy Sod" so I will start off with Righteously Lamentable Serendipity. I do apologise to the Admin watch dogs if I have infringed the rules, I am willing to accept a slap as long as its with the Dove Nettle cream.....:-))


admin will probably join in :)


Realy Like Sleep :(


I changed my picture to my dog's picture..suddenly the site

went loony bin..haha. This is my bloodhound female. Had her

for 6.5 yrs ..sure miss her love. That's about average of her

life span. <3


Lovely profile picYikes... :)



Stinging Nettle is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also a natural anti-histamine (RLSers tend to have higher than normal histamine levels .... this often contributes to the racing mind at night). I believe this is why you experienced relief.


read that web site with an open mind. This guy calls himself on natural News the "Health Ranger" and he is extremely biased against many things, including if RLS is "real: or not. Check it out. He is not a health professional and it is classified as an :"opinion page" and says so on this web site, so just be careful when reading info on this web site. I have researched this guy thoroughly over the past couple of years. FYI As usual, make up your own mind, but that is my opinion. he is also connected with a doctor who lost her license and she says , and I quote, "IF you would get your last a**es out of your recliner , you would not have RLS". IF only we COULD lay around in our recliners, and we all know that is impossible. I have the court papers for the "doctor", and can prove everything I say. So, read it with caution, is all I am saying.


The point is that nettle is an anti-inflammatory. There are MANY pages about the healing qualities of nettle. Here are a couple more.

Here's an actual scientific study that talks about its anti-inflammatory properties:

And an article from the U. Maryland:



Wow...I really thought you were referring to bee stings..

UKers! I sincerely apologize..

I learned something important throughout this silliness. .

Never heard of Stinging Nettle.. very interesting. =)


Oh of course, no need to apologise ,pavements are footpaths here, pants here are worn under pants there.

my wife is ultra sensitive to wasp stings, only a month ago she got stung on the hand and despite the best medical care the poor wasp I can't help it.

I had to rush home from work some 30 miles because I couldn't get her on the phone, I was calling the ambulance as I left work and I still got home before our emergency services got there. She looked horrible, eyes shut face all puffy her hand looked like a rubber glove that had been blown up, but a quick jab and she was ok.

She is my rock.


Those are nasty little bugs. It's fun to get to know

other people on here. She must get that Epi Pen..

What a good little invention.


Just for you Yikes, off topic but will tell you about stinging nettles.


Oh Elisee, What would I ever do without you? =))

Maybe it's not off topic. Sounds like it's healthy if cooked..

in soup, it adds iron to the diet..

Iron plus vitamin C is the perfect combination.

I would so eat this in soup, gladly.. it would be the healthiest

thing in the soup! I will have to hunt some down to add to

my beef stew. I would add it to a small portion of my stew

to see if I liked it or not. I would hate to ruin a large pot of food

if it added flavor that did not taste good.

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You can dye stuff with them too


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