Restless Legs Syndrome

Suboxone Works for RLS

Suboxone works. Two years ago I got jammed up on Pain meds bought off the street. Roxys,Oxys.Percos,Morphine. I started taking them for back and knee pain and got hooked. I realized I had a problem and went to a suboxone clinic. I took 24 mg to start out and after a year and half was down to 2mg dosage,day. For all that time I never had a problem with RLS. Slept good and felt great. My Doc quit and I went through horrible two months of withdrawal ; RLS with a vengeance no sleep for weeks at a time. Wish I could take subs for life but docs frown on such a plan. Seems to me that any strong pain med or Suboxone works wonders for RLS.

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In Canada they give give Methadone for those coming off the string narcotics and meth works for RLS also. Generally we have places that hand it out in liquid form but it has to be done by prescription and you get your daily dosages from a clinic.

My neurologists has me on klonipin,gabapentin,and Neupro patch. He wont even discuss any kind of opiate for treatment. Not sure why though. I wish I could just choose for myself what I know to work.

I think maybe the dr.s here in the states are running scared of DEA

I just noticed your comment was from 4 years ago but I'm hoping you never got on opiates, yeah sure they help for the pain but they're very addictive and it leads to more trouble. Hope you're doing better now without having to go on the opiates

Opiate is not the answer except for use very short term..

It takes more and more Opiate to get the same effects over time.

You can become immune to a safe dose. That's not good if

you ever need the drugs after a major surgery or accident...

I was told to use Opiates to get sleep no more than 2 times per week.

Of course I didn't follow those directions I wanted to sleep every single

night so I ran into trouble with the prescribing doctor!

I just got rid of all of my narcotics in the house. I fell into a trap that

would cause me to increase the doses until I was dead... It was

my decision. I miss the drugs. That's why I am still up at 3:30 am.

I'm dead tired exhausted.. My legs keep going. I'm getting mad

about it.

You tried gabapentin ? I take 3 - 600mg about an hour before bed and that usually works.

SmokeyMTHillBilly, I did take gabapentin. My legs settled down

somewhat after I took it for 20 days or so.. I gained weight so fast

that my doctor pulled me off of it. Seems that I was getting up in

the middle of the night (unaware) to binge eat. = /.

It was so hard to take the weight off. It took me 3 months to

take off the first 10 lbs. It took 5-6 months to get the rest off.

I'm glad to say that I am not drug dependent but I am far

from finding a satisfactory treatment. Tomorrow I may find

the reason because I underwent a battery of tests. I had

bone scans, mri's, nerve conduction tests, blood tests,

vitamin shots, infusions... so maybe, just maybe something

will be discovered. The doctor may decide to change my

treatment plan for RLS..

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