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Relief with melatonin

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Hi I have been taking melatonin 3mg for a few days and have been able to sleep pretty much the whole night I hope this continues God willing and I'm suggesting that others who have not tried melatonin try it as well. Melatonin is over the counter the brand that I take is Nature's Bounty. Hope it works for all of you.... God bless

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Hi Roblau, does it help with your rls aswell? Do you take any other medication? Thankyou

Roblau.this is interesting, as it is contra-indicated. Take care, as it may worsen your symptoms over time.......

'Melatonin also inhibits the secretion of dopamine, which makes it bad news for restless legs syndrome patients. It might increase RLS symptoms in the evening and night, according to researchers at Sacre-Coeur Hospital in Montreal.'

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Thanks I will see how it works overtime

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You are a %100 right. Melatonin will help you fall asleep but will wake an hr or two later feeling so much worse then usual. I used melatonin for years and the moment I read that is made things worse I stopped. Things improved but I'm still "hacking" :) my RLS and removing anything that 'sedates'. I've never been one to medicate as this has long term effects I'm not willing to settle for but am determined to find some relief :)

I take digestive enzymes as well would seem to help the RLS

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I've taken Digestive enzymes at each meal for over a decade.... it may work if there is a digestive component in your RLS, for example I don't eat after 6pm to avoid any digestion of food in the middle of the night :)

My experience with Melatonin was the opposite of yours; it worked for two - three nights but after that my RLS/PLMD returned with a vengeance. I also had some hallucinations. I googled Melatonin and RLS and was shocked to learn about the combination. However, like so many other aspects of medical conditions, it may work for some people. I sincerely hope it works for you.

For the last three weeks, I have slept well using Neupro, 4 mg. and 25 mg. Trazadone. (My neurologist requested that my PCP prescribe the trazadone, because he doesn't prescribe sleep aids.) I do have some balance issues which states that can be a moderate interaction between the two meds. I'm enjoying blissful sleep, but I may have to make some changes...

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Hi thanks for the feedback like you say everybody's different I find my RLS is related to digestion and if I stay away from highly refined carbs and sweets and don't eat late and take digestive enzymes it seems to help , and with the Melatonin I have a pretty good night sleep.. hope you have a good night sleep every night going forward.. God bless

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Like you I've restricted the same things, plus alcohol, anything with refined sugar and try to eat more than 8 hours before bedtime. Haven't tried the enzymes though. Was there a major improvement when you began using? I've also discovered Gabapentin did not help , and in fact acted more like a trigger. I have cautiously added Kratom to the mix which includes Hydrocodone.. But overall I've been in a good place for about a month.

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I have taken trazodone for33 years. What a life saver it has been. Its not working as well now. It helps me fall asleep but I only stay asleep 2 hours

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Thanks for your support, and I'm really sorry that it is not working well for you now. I'm taking only 25 mg which is the lowest dose that I can take. What dose have you been taking for all these years?

I was prescribed melatonin by a GP some years ago as RLS was giving me almost no sleep. T he melatonin made sure I got no sleep at all as RLS got even worse. As well as this after a few nights my heart rate doubled and I could feel it thumping - scarey. I had an ECG done and It took almost a week after stopping melatonin for pulse to settle down to normal. Some time later GP told me she thought I was going into heart failure. I might say I have never had any heart problems. I am glad it is working for you but I posted this just to alert others what can happen. Sleep well.

thank you for that share, will try it. lots of blessing

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