Mum and Melatonin

You may remember me posting about my mum after several years free of RLS getting it back after taking Amitriptyline.

We had her brain scan results on thursday and sadly she has Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers.She was prescribed Melatonin to try to curb thr nightime wandering.I wasnt keen but gave her a go with it.Her RLS triggered and i had a rough night with her so that is the end of that trial.!

Back to the drawing board.x

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  • Oh Pipps,

    So sorry to hear the news about your Mum. Such a worry for you. Shame the melatonin didn't work. Yet another drug to add to the list of meds to avoid. Sending positive thoughts your way,


  • Sorry to hear about your mums ill health - hope she gets some relief, (and you too), soon.

    Take care.

  • As above- so sorry for all your experiences over the last while- real pain in the bum- but what would you know about that !!!😭

    You mind yourself especially, --are you able to get times to yourself and husband- ?---keep strong and know everyone here is thinking of you.

    Good luck.

  • I try to remind Pippin to take time for herself. :) It has been rough for her, lots of stress. I went thru the same thing with my Dad, may he RIP, so I do understand what she is going through. As far as the Melatonin, it does the same thing to my RLS. Makes my legs go nutty.

  • So sorry to hear that Pipps. As i told you before, my mum went through all that. You are such a positive strength on here, you take care of yourself too. I know how draining it can be xx

  • The poor Darling, I'm so sorry to hear of that diagnoses for all concerned.

    J x🍀

  • So sorry to learn that! With my best wishes!

  • Dear Pipps, I am very sorry to hear this. It is a difficult time. Bless you both. Gentle hugs. xx

  • Read up on phosphatidyl serine. I just posted about this and sleep. Also have read it has some good affect on Alzheimers. BUT you read up on it for yourself and your mum.

  • So sorry about your mum Pippin all I can say is I think about you often ,I hope things sort themselves out for you not easy ,love to all the family June x

  • Thankyou everyone x

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum, I have both personal and professional experience of this insidious illness and know how distressing this must be for both of you.

    I hope you are getting all the help you need to get through this Pipps, take all that's offered :) and please don't neglect your own health.

    Sending best wishes and virtual hugs, Geri

  • Pippins has got a lot of help now and lots in place for her mum. :)

  • KIM there is nothing i can add to all above have been in same with my MAM/BROTHER all i will say is keep strong and try to make time to take FREDDIE and self for walks when we have some decent weather[we should be so lucky] lol well my dear friend i have to sigh off am feeling emotional best of luck god bless you

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