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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Melatonin? How many have tried it?

How many of us use or have tried Melatonin to help promote sleep? I mean on nights when your legs are nice and quiet, but your brain is still awake with plain old insomnia? It is maddening to go to bed, and still be awake when the clock says 3 a.m. And, just to make sure, Melatonin should be taken 2 hrs before you want to be asleep, not take it like a sleeping pill (1/2 hr before bed time) It is natural hormone that our brain makes anyway, and as we get older, we produce less and less. I am now taking it evety night, and it does help me fall asleep faster at the beginning of the night. I don't stay asleep much past 3 or 4 hrs, but that is mre than what I WAS getting. It can;t hurt to ask your doctor about that, as I am not sure if it

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I was saying I am not sure if it is available over the counter in the UK. :o)



As far as I am aware, it is not available over the counter, I used to manage a health shop before my accident, and the reason given,was that not enough time has elapsed to know the long term effects, although you can buy a product called 5HTP, 5 hydroxy trytophan, which I believe is a precursor to Serotonin in the brain, so has a similar sort of effect.

I would like you to check on the effects, as it has been a while now, and my memory lets me down, I hope this helps.

Also, I remember that it is should not be used with antidepressants, so to check with the Doctor before taking.

Best wishes Cazx


similar, but not the same. Two different hormones there, and melatonin is specifically for inducing sleep, or resetting your inner clock. 5 HTP does not do that. and, I do not take anything without talkning to my doctor which I say every day here. :o) (disclaimer ,disclaimer)


Just want to add that, in general, people shoud be very careful what sites they buy any med off of.


If you look up 5htp you will find that it produces both serotonin and melatonin, by synthesis, it is used as a sleep aid as well as antidepressant and diet aid, (suppression of appetite.) and is made from the Griffonia seed.

Because melatonin is not available over the counter in the UK, this is the product that is generally recommended in it's place, a lot of air crew use it for irregular sleep patterns.

I just thought you would be interested, it has had a lot of testing, and has been used in fibromyalgia.

You can get Melatonin by Prescription here, but a lot of people have had problems getting it.

The product has to be rigorously tested, before a reputable health store will be allowed to sell it,in the UK.

Some people buy melatonin over the web, and as you say be careful as you do not know how pure it is.

The antidepressants that can cause problems, are the ones that increase serotonin levels, as you can get overload, and is very dangerous.

I hope that helps.

I have never seen your disclaimer, I assume it is the one we always used, about always checking with Doctor or health care provider if you are on other medications?

best wishes Cazx


Sorry I also meant to add that it does not have the same fast effect as melatonin, shame we can't just go out and buy melatonin here!


yes, the disclaier is -"alwyas cjeck with your doctor/what works for one does not work for the other/ and do not just run out and buy anyting that someone recommends before you are tested and see if you actualy need it, like Vit D( any of them), and IRON and Ferritin being the most important, since iron overload can kil you, literally. It includes anything you would swallow or pill you would out in your mouth, even plain old multi vitamins. All vitamins are not created equally. :)


Thanks, I do take 2 different anti depressants, and have no ill effects, for ME MYSELF. a lot of people are aable to use melatonin with anti-d's, but as you said, talk to the doctor FIRST, because some anti-d's will react with it. There is nothing that does not have at least one side effect, even aspirin. :o)


About 18 months ago my doctor wanted me to stop taking Ambien and prescribed me a Melatonin medication that was newly out and aimed at the over 60 market, and is only to be taken for 13 weeks (UK). I might as well have thrown it over my shoulder.

I thought that melatonin was available over the counter here in the UK although likely a mild version of it.

I now take zopiclone though try and miss it every 3rd or 4th night.

I wonder does melatonin work from day 1 or does it have to build up in the system. i.e. could it be used for occasional use.

And could it be used along with the like of zopiclone - likely the accompanying literature would say not.


Melatonin is a naturaly occuring hormone that our brains make, and as we get older we do not produce as much. did yo take it correctky, as in 2 hrs beforev bedtime. I tae a sleep me, too with it, and melatonin does not have to build up in your system. Lots of people use it for jet lag, too, if they travel a lot. I will have to look up Zoplicone, since I do not remember what that is the generic for on your side of the pond.


It is Imovane (brand name) in US. There are no contraindications of taking it with sleep meds in the info, but as always ask your doctor. Never self medicate, since anything can have a side effect or interaction. It may only happen to one person, but it is always a possibility. There are no FDA warnings for it either. (federal drug administration/US) So, that is all I know. but, 2 hrs before you want to be asleep. It cannot be taken like a sleeping pill/half hr before bed time. IT can br used occasiinally; does NOT need to build up or be taken every day like some prescription meds.


Hello Nightdancer, I live in the UK + have obtained Melatonin from EBAY + it was from the,

US!, I have also read in some of your posts you take 9mg??? A night.

I also tried 9mg + it did help me get more sleep than normal BUT I felt very tired during,

the day + so only take 9mg as a last resort!!!. I'm very interested if you could tell me,

At what time you take your Melatonin + do you take ALL 9mg at once???,

IE: do you take it 2,3 OR 4hrs before you go to bed???.

All the best Popmaster.


I explained under my question how Melatonin should be taken. ( mgs is at the request of my psychiatrist, who really wnats me to sleep more than 4 hrs a night. We have gone up on that slowly, ans a regular GP would probaly not go that high in dose, but we can buy it here in 10 mg doses, and my sleep doctors are with my other doctors on this dose. They alln actually email each other! The av dose for melatonin is 3 mgs, but whatever dose you like. Like I said above 2 hrs before bedtime, and you can scroll up and read the rest, so I d not have to type it allbover again. I do NOT recommend 9 mgs at ALL unless you have a doctor who insists on it, like mine do. :o) I take 9 mgs every night, and I still have only bumped it to about 5 hrs sleep, but I fall alseep faster, and my I feel better in the am. Like I always say, start at the lowest dose possible wuth any med-prescription or over the counter or over the internet med......ALWAYS (not shouting, just for emphasis)


Hello Nightdancer, Many thanks for your reply to my post!!!,

I'm sorry you had to re type some things again in your reply to me!!!,

I must have not have read your original post properly sorry!!!.

Many thanks for your info + I will go to my doctor to see what,

They say!!! However i did say that i have recently had a home,

sleep study carried out on me 6weeks ago. I was wired-up,

to a recording machine + breathing tube up my nose to see if i have sleep Aponna??? + also wired up my legs for RLS I have already been,

Diognosed by my GP Doctor that i do have RLS May be the leg wires,

were to test for Restless limb movment as well.

I will let you ALL know what the results are at the start of september!!!.


I saw Elisse's reply. She is right. RLS happens when you are awake. PLMD (periodic limb movement disorder) is what they wired your legs up for, whether they told you that or not. RLS can;t show up in a sleep study ubless you do not go to sleep. Lots of doctors and techs just lump RLs and PLMD together, and while they are simialar, they are also very different. Most people sleep right thru PLMD, might wake the bed partner some, but the person with PLMD does get tehir sleep disturbed by causing brain arousals, and that keeps you from reaching the right stages of sleep. almost every RLS web site that is reputable and knows what they are talking about will explain the difference between RLS and PLMD. If they do not, then change web sites. :o)


Hi ND, Please see my reply to Elisse about the sleep study,

i think they were testing for PLMD, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder BUT as you mention that doc's etc lump the two,

conditions together. I have been diognosed with RLS By,

my doctor + have meet ALL four RLS Criteria. the sleep consultent mention Ohh we will test for RLS??? + who said,

You have it!!!!. I told her about meeting the four criteria,

+ Been diognosed by my doctor BUT She said we'll,



Hi Popmaster, where do you live, the USA or UK.

I understand the home sleep study for sleep apnea, but why the heck did you have your legs wired up... There is no test for RLS., only by having the 4 criteria that you or your doctor should know you have RLS... The sleep study can show other sleep disorders like PLMD, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, that happens when you are asleep NOT awake, like RLS which keeps you from sleeping or wakes you up...


Hello Elisse, I live in the UK, The sleep study was carried out primerilly,

to test for sleep Apnea!!! I was wired-up ALL over + had 2 electrodes wired,

to my calf musules on each leg + thats all i know on them.

When the sleep clinic 1st assesed my them said something about testing,

for RLS + who had diognosed me with RLS + i said my GP had

Yes i have meet ALL FOUR criteria + Fully discused them with my doctor, OR should i say many doctors befroe my present one took me seriously. My RLS Meds + tramadol help reduce the pain+ creepy crawlly feelings in my legs

So there is no dought i have got RLS, So i dont know what the sleep clinic were upto

mybe as you mentioned it was for (PLMD, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder)

I couldn't remember what it was called at the time i wrote my post to (ND)


2 people in my life depend on that but they are not on any prescription

medicines. It works so good for them. They take it 40 mins before bedtime.

I tried a Bob Marley Drink (sold by energy drinks) for relaxation..Melatonin

is the only active ingredient more than 2 years ago when I wasn't on

any prescription medicines, I slept great but was sicker than a dog from

the flavor, taste and whatever else was in it. I do believe it took 20 mins

to kick in.


Just looking up Insomnia and came across your question - I asked My GP [UK ] about Melatonin because i liked the sound of it being a natural solution. But she said sounding annoyed no, she said you have to be over 55 yrs old to get it [ I was 52 ] But i did` nt know much about it then, but got the impression she was annoyed because i had dared to ask for something. Having read your question and learnt that its a treatment for primary insomnia it was`t the right treatment for me anyway because my insomnia is RLS related. My insomnia could be sideffect to Pramipexole and a number of other things, i just don`t know anymore.

But I have been refered to a Sleep specialist in London and have an appointment soon so maybe he can find out before i die from sleep deprivation.


I am from the USA, (Portland, OR) married to a wonderful man from the UK and we twin boys of which one has autism. They are now 9 years old. My one son was finally DX'd (on the day the twins each received 8 more vaccines) with Autism shortly after they turned 48 months old. If that wasn't upsetting enough , our Pediatrician then wanted us to put our son on Ritalin at age 4 years old! I was furious and had enough of this- fired her quick! I did my heavy research and found that children with autism often have low amounts of Glutathione. Parents in the USA are told to give their children Tylenol often (not Ibuprophen) for ails, fevers, and after vaccines. Tylenol or rather acetaminophen DEPLETES your Glutathione! Our body's make Glutathione naturally which helps you rid of bad chemicals and metals in your body. However and sadly, children with Autism do not or have very little Glutathione in their system. Getting to my point. SO I quit giving our twins Acetaminophen, and found out that MELATONIN NATURALLY helps to raise your much needed Glutathione. I tested a few times on myself first before giving anything to my son. (I love Melatonin! FAR better than any sleep aide and with out feeling groggy in the morning! ) I then started with very small doses of Trader Joes Chewable Melatonin tablets for my son (The pills are only 500 mcg.(not MG) each and are easy to cut in half) . Not only did he get his much needed sleep and wakes without problems, but he is sick less, more alert and happy in school. (his teachers are very pleased too!) Both my twin boys take this as do I for now the past 5 years and have had no problems whatsoever. NOTE: I've tried other Melatonin products, but Trader Joes Chewable Melatonin and another by NUTRITION NOW Chewable Melatonin (both 500 MCG) are the only ones that have worked for us. OT, but interesting: Also, I've given my Autistic son Chewable Sunthianine which contains L-Thianine and this works FAR better naturally than Ritalin and with out those bad side effects. Again I've tried other L-Thianine products but the only one that helps our son throughout the day to keep calm while alert is Sunthianine. Now ONLY if the USA would allow us to have Ibuprophen CREAM. It is NOT sold here which is crazy! SO I have to find it online sold out of the UK. Love that stuff for me only that is. : )


Six years later. Melatonin is not advisable. It blocks dopamine. More money down the drain on yet another wrong choice!


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