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Restless Legs Syndrome
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CBD oil

Hello all,

Does anyone have any advice about which CBD oil to use? I went onto the CBD brothers site but there is a bewildering variety of products. I am currently on Lyrica and Tramadol having just come off the Neupro patch. This is helping but not 100%.

I live in France but at the moment am in England for 2 weeks, so I prefer a British or French supplier.

Thank you.

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CBD from hemp will probably not help your RLS, except to make you less anxious during the day, with perhaps more energy.

I changed from CBD (hemp) to a full-spectrum Cannabis Indica oil, with a minimum of THC. It helps with better-quality sleep, but not necessarily more sleep, and improves my usually-desperate outlook. Kratom can help a bit in the middle of the night when all else fails. Sometimes.

I am going to try Rick Simpson oil per rectum when I can get hold of it, on the advice of my homoeopath.


Thanks a lot. After another bad night, I’m ready to try anything.


Hi.I have used their purple capsules which are Indica based. They are relaxing and gove me about 2 hours sleep. If you ri g CBD Brothers they will send you free samples.x


Thanks a lot. I’ll ring them.


Did you try the medical marijuana?


A bit but gave up because I decided to wait until withdrawal was finished, which is now. Yippee! - much worse than RLS itself.


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