Restless Legs Syndrome
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Update from me 🤗

Well it’s now more than three months since I started the magnesium regime that is working for me and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I’m sleeping, able to sit and watch tv in the evenings, not had to leave any restaurants or theatres! Haven’t been driven to bed but keeping it real I’ll be totally honest I’ve had a couple of moments when I felt the old twitching about to start. A couple of times I’ve taken a nurafen plus, a couple of times I just had to get up and move a bit, make a cuppa etc and it went. I’m terrified of jinxing my progress but I hear the desperation on here and I just have to post what’s working. I take 2 migrainestop (see link on my previous thread) caps each day, usually lunchtime. Then at bedtime, I have a clipper sleep easy tea with a tblspn cherry concentrate and two Solgar 5HTP complex caps. These have magnesium in too plus they reduce anxiety and stress symptoms and aid sleep. Not getting any of the gastric side effects from the magnesium. Not used my magno wraps since the day the migraine stop arrived. I know it affects us all differently all we can do is keep trying until we happen upon what works for us. I’ve suffered this since 1960 and it was getting steadily worse. Never had any pharma meds, never been to the doc - as an old nurse, never felt it would do any good. Keep on, keeping on. Keep an open mind and read all the science, if the science makes sense then it’s worth a try. Go well my friends.

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Thank you for taking time to report on a success story. It is all too easy when things are going well to move on and forget those still suffering in the doldrums.

I am going to sound curmudgeonly now because by rights I should be leaping to try anything that works for another person so successfully but there is a fairly low chance I will commit to your regime. The reason is basically financial. I have a cupboard full of supplements and non-pharmaceutical options that worked well for others but did nothing for me. I

I do take magnesium daily (in fairness probably not as high a dose as yours) and it doesn’t seem to make any impact. I am currently struggling to find a pharmaceutical regime - with high dose of prescription meds - that enables me to live a normal life so I’m of the view that my Rls is resistant to the effects of supplements alone.

Nonetheless I love to read the good news stories and am grateful for your post. I hope it works well for you for the duration.

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I’m delighted it’s working for you and hopefully it will work for others on here with mild RLS.

Thanks for sharing the info.

Like involuntarydancer, I have a cupboard full of supplements I have bought in the hope they’ll make a difference.

Taurine, theanine, magnesium, etc. I’ve tried the cream of tartar with Himalayan rock salt and every foot wrap out there. Nothing has helped.

It will maybe make a difference to someone with this horrible disease so thanks for posting.


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Completely understand your point too! The only caveat I would just add in relation to your ‘alternative supplement fatigue’ is to do with magnesium. Many of these supplements are useless if produced or taken in a way that prevents it from being absorbed properly. I too have wasted tons of dosh on different supplements without doing more research into how best to take it. Magnesium is typical in that it is not absorbed if not taken in a certain format and with vitamin b6. I can’t tell you how much magnesium has gone down my loo 😂 I feel for you and hope that a cure can be found for this terrible disease. 😬


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