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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Saw the new neurologist today

I had my appointment with a new (non surgical) neurologist today regarding my tingling legs. He reviewed all my lab work, imaging, and nerve studies as well as did a neurological work exam. He actually complemented the prior neurologist saying he was very good and very honest with his patients. He also was impressed with the doctor who performed the nerve studies and said most of the time on the nerve studies he asks patients to redo them because they were not down very well. Apparently that was his sub specialty or something like that. Anyway as previously posted all that was normal he also mentioned that I absolutely do not have neuropathy. The only thing he noted was RLS. He said he does not suspect anything like MS but said he would like an MRI of the brain. He doesn't expect to find anything but said with it being done we won't be wondering anymore. He said the lab work done so far is good and the only additional blood test he would like to do is additional iron studies even thoug prior blood tests don't show I'm anemic. He mentioned (as several here have commented) sometimes people with low iron have RLS. He also wanted to start me on Horizant at night before bed but my insurance won't cover that medication so I will need to call the office tomorrow and he is supposed to change it to 300mg of neurontin at night before bed to see of that helps. I have a follow up with him at the end of October.

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That’s sounding promising. I also have tingling in my legs as well as rls. My neurologist sent me for an mri scan to check the spinal cord but all was O.k.

The blood test for anaemia doesn’t show up your ferritin. Mine was 90 and, according to the GP,was good, but having read this page I am taking Spatone to boost it a bit.

Good luck


Sounds like he's thorough. I'm glad that you're in good hands!

Take care,

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