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If you have trouble sleeping, don't forget the Adrenal cocktail!

Awhile ago Dic Carlton recommended the Adrenal Cocktail as something very helpful with sleep, especially if one wakes up in the night and cannot get back to sleep, being wide awake. To keep this short, it is (and you can look this up) about 8 oz. orange juice, 1/4 tsp. Himalayan pink salt, 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar. This supplies the electrolytes, with there being a balance of potassium and sodium. Take 2 times per day.

This helps to calm the adrenal glands, which are the glands that are supposed to settle down so you can sleep at night, but often are way too active during the night (out of balance/circadian rhythm).

My own experience with the Adrenal Cocktail is this: I used it and some other things, and have been enjoying sleep for some time. BUT, then, I slacked off, and POW, the waking up in the middle of the night started again. After a few nights of this, I went down to my kitchen, made up the Adrenal Cocktail and was able to get back to a good sleep. So, while my other amino acids (posted before) help with getting tired at night and getting TO sleep, the Adrenal Cocktail is imperative in not waking up with a jolt in the night.

AND, I will tell you that when I had (before as well as recently) the night wake ups, that is when my RLS acted up rather badly. Not right away, but after I had been awake for about an hour. The RLS is not the thing that woke me up, the wakefulness is what stimulated the RLS. Not a- which- came -first sort of thing --the wakefulness definitely came first. (At least for me.)

So, this was my inadvertent experiment. Dic, you were right - -it's not one and done, there are often several approaches needed as there can be several things that cause a problem, even in one person. (I think that's what you meant.) Yes, I still have RLS, but it is very minimal when it is not overstimulated by middle of the night wakefulness.

I suggest anyone with sleep issues, give the Adrenal Cocktail a try! It is inexpensive, does not taste bad at all, and easy to get the ingredients. I'm sold on it. has the recipe as well as great info. also great info.

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I'll definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.


I've been taking that to help with anxiety I've developed with ME, I find it quite effective for it! Must try it in the evening for sleep too now, thanks lauraflora.


I have just ordered some pink Himalayan salt and want to try the cocktail. I wondered if the mixture can be made with anything less acid than orange juice as this gives me acid reflux, especially at night

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I think I'll be trying this today...thanks lauraflora..😁


Hi Lauraflora, does it have to be orange juice, as I have reflux too?


It seems like the purpose of the orange juice is to supply more potassium. Don't remember the numbers (you can look it up) for the ingredients (potassium/sodium content) but I think the whole cocktail has more potassium than sodium. Orange juice has quite a bit of potassium. However, there are probably other juices that have a similar amount of potassium, that you could tolerate.

I know V8 (low sodium one) has a lot of potassium 900 mg in 8 0z glass, but it may not be something you can drink with your acid reflux. Check around and see what you find out.


Laura flora, does the cocktail have to be orange juice? I take a portion of concentrated cherry juice to help with my sleep issues and wondered if I could take the salt and tartaric acid in that instead?


Try it and see. One of the reasons for the orange juice is its potassium content, beyond that which is in the tartaric acid. But since this is all food type ingredients, not drugs or chemicals, etc., you can play around with it. I don't know how much potassium is in cherry juice - I suggest checking that out. It does not taste bad - hardly alters the juice flavor at all (at least to me.) The reason for the adrenal cocktail is to supply electrolytes - potassium and sodium, so you want something that has a similar amount of potassium as the orange juice.

Let us know on here how it works.


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