Restless legs syndrome

RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME. I found two of my posts under Ferritin and magnesium heading; thought I sent then correctly in answer to other posts but didn't see them. (Sorry, late comer to computers-don't always figure things out (> I'm reposting them hoping the info might be helpful to my new rls friends. Hope this transfers. Thanks, Still learning the computer at age 73. Let me know if I reposted info properly. I really feel the magnesium oil recipe is helpful; it helps me sometimes at night if I spray it on my legs.

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  • I think you posted ok. For us who are older computers can be a bit tricky! I couldn't get on with magnesium oil as I didn't like the feel of it but I know from comments elsewhere that others have found it helpful. Try a search under magnesium oil and you will find a variety of comments.

  • HI martino. I agree the magnesium can be a bit 'icky' especially when it dries and magnesium granules are left on my skin. But it does help and also it's a way for me to absorb magnesium for cardiac problems. I understand magnesium is much better absorbed thru thru skin that when taken orally. Thanks for the computer encouragement. Using it is coming more easily albeit slowly. I do love it bcause of all the available info. (I'm an information junkie (lol).

  • Persevere! My mum started when she was 88 and get's on fine on her own most of the time.

  • Thanks, Eryl. As I'm newly diagnosed I'm happy to hear about other "seniors" that are also doing well. I'm happy to hear about anything that your mum finds that helps her. I do believe that part of the problem (which most doctors will never admit-in my opinion-) is all the meds we fing ourselves taking as we get older. They can't all work well together. I try to get off as many as I can and also try not to add new ones unless absolutely necessary.

  • I am somewhat of a senior and have been in the extremely tight grip of this horrendous disease for 60+ years.

    I wasn't diagonised until the ripe old age of 48 after having this torturous disease since childhood.

    The medications that I am taking and have been seriously lucky with having a 100% rate of success.

    And they are Madopar (which completely controls my RLS pain. It is a seriously strong Parkinson's drug.

    And I also have to take Siffrol (which keeps the symptoms of RLS at bay)

    Siffrol has given me total peace of mind by completely eliminating all of RLS symptoms. To have to consider my life without it, would be .... well, just not worth contemplating.

    I believe I have been using these drugs for 10 and 6 yrs consequently, and I intend to be using them for some time to come. Unless the dreaded augmentation comes a knocking.

  • Hi Phogan, I read about your 2 medications that seem to be really helping you and want to find out more about them. You don't say which country you live in and as I don't recognize the names they are probably known under different names in the US. I would love to be able to research them for myself. Although I try to get by on as few drugs as possible there are times when meds can help significantly. If you feel comfortable would you let me know the country your meds are from? I did try one drug when I was first diagnosed-earlier this year- had an allergic reaction and ended up in the Emergency Room. The drug is called Mirapex (generic-pramipexole) here. Thanks, burmag

  • May I please ask .... what was it that she actually started at the 'ripe old' age of 88?

    Was it her computer skills or was she struck down (albeit rather late in her life) with the onset of RLS.

    I personally sincerely hope that it is not of the latter ... as that would be just.seriously way too cruel.

  • Sorry, my mum went out and bought her first computer at the ripe old age of 88!

  • I can remember about 12 months ago that I came across a 'pop up' shop at the local shopping centre that was selling some kind of spray and/or oil that I was assured would assist me with my RLS symptoms.

    I am not 100% sure, but I think that it actually did give me a certain amount of significant relief. But it was somewhat expensive and in heinsite, I realised that I would have had to have bathed in the stuff at least 3 times/day to gain a successful outcome.

    However, I totally forgot the name of the product. I will Google it and will advise.

  • Thanks, Phogan. It probably had some quinine as an ingredient. Most products containing this are no longer available in the US. I have found that a homemade magnesium oil recipe (I got it from that I make myself works well for me much of the time. (When I remember to use it). Will look for your google. Every suggestion bears looking into as we never know what just might help. Thanks again.

  • You have successfully been able to use to jog my memory and has allowed me remembr

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