Restless legs syndrome

I have been suffering this problem off and on for a few years with no relief. I read about massaging magnesium goodnight from Holland and Barrett which I recently bought . Three nights I've been using it and three nights I haven't had RLS . I had been taking magnesium tablets with no effect but this spray is really good. I also wear surgical stockings on bad nights which seem to help a bit. Worth a try folks !!!!

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  • Hi Shon, would you tell me the exact Magnesium you are taking? There are so many different types (e.g. some with Zinc, etc.) and most of the ingredients sound like a science project. I want to try, but dont know which one? Would appreciate your help.

    3 nights without RLS !! Wow, wee and golly gosh! Good for you. I find the stockings make me too hot. Its now coming into summer and the nights are warm. Wait to hear from you . Janet (Australia)

  • I hope you can get this in Australia. It is called "Goodnight pure mineral spray " pure transdermal magnesium spray with essential oils. 100ml and about £12 sterling. The website is

    The magnesium tablets did nothing but this spray is great , on me anyway.


  • I've just looked up Amazon for Australia . The title is : Better you magnesium oil goodnight spray 100ml and it costs $25.42 with free shipping. Good luck


  • I take magnesium. will look out for spray. Tried surgical stockings, too hot for me.

    Thanks for tip. try anything.

  • This oil is still working for me . Massage on legs before bed and it really helps. Don't wear the surgical stockings now either.


  • My mom who is 68yrs old im her son 49yrs old we both suffer RLS medium to sometimes really bad where can i find magnesium goodnight spray we would so very much appreciate any an all information concerning RLS an how it helps you Thankyou

  • Holland and Barret sells it also Amazon . It's been amazing . Just spray five times on each leg from knee down to foot and massage in . Makes your skin very smooth too. There are three types of goodnight magnesium oil so make sure it's the purple one you choose. I wore surgical stockings for a long time which helped a lot but this oil has allowed me to stop wearing them . Good luck



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