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New to this!


03.40 and again I am awake shaking my leg to ease the discomfort in my leg. I have had no formal diagnosis of RLS however I do believe I may have it. I thought at first my pain was sciatic but not convinced now. I have just ordered a few bits oblong such as a magnesium oil spray, iron tablets and some herbal sleeping tablets - so tired! I have been treated for a trapped nerve so have been on Gabapentin then changed to Pregabalin- which made my symptoms worse. I have now stopped taking it. I have also had painkillers to ease the pain at times. I would greatly appreciate any help and advise. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Eza82, and welcome! You have without a doubt, come to the right place and I think I can speak for every knowledgeable person on this sight, which is each one of us, that we are here to help you. Everyone who experiences the "neurological disorder" known as RLS, can shed some light on his or her own personal experience and bring some comfort to you, whether physically, spiritually, psychologically...whatever. I am guessing from the time, and please correct me if I am wrong, you are in the UK and not the USA. (It is now Sunday night, August 13, 2017 at 11:52 pm here on the East Coast. You will get a lot of replies from people who know a great deal about RLS so just stay posted and soak up as much you can. Again, welcome. We are glad you found us.

Eza82 in reply to Lbf2016

Thank you for your reply. Yes I am in the U.K. I very much look forward to the help and advise x


Hi, first of all, you shouldnt take any iron supplements until you get your ferritin level tested by your doctor. ferritin is how we store iron. If you have a very high ferritin level then taking iron can be dangerous. For RLSers, the experts say our ferritin level should read 100+ Herbal sleeping pills can make RLS worse, if it says it can make you drowsy then forget it. There are meds that can make RLS worse, as in anti-depressants, anti-histamines , cough syrups and some that have slipped my mind. Magnesium oil spray does seem to help some people. What pain meds have you taken. usually strong pain meds which are opiates work well for RLS. and can be taken on a as needed basis, if you have RLS that doesnt bother you and stop you sleeping every night. You have to have all the criteria for RLS, to be diagnosed for RLS.

What are your exact symptoms - you mention sciatica as a possible alternative diagnosis? Rls would be a world away from sciatica in terms of symptoms.

The most distinguishing feature of rls is a tickly feeling in the lower legs ( soles of feet at first) which can ONLY be alleviated by massage or movement (walking/ stretching)

Pain is NOT a major component of rls and would generally point to another cause- Peripheral Neuropathy / MS etc.

The medications for these may well be similar but there are important differences.

It would be important to get tested for other conditionsso as to set them aside.

Good luck.

Eza82 in reply to Madlegs1

I originally had a trapped sciatic nerve and ended up in Hospital. This is where they changed my meds from Gabapentin and Codine to Pregabalin and Tapentadol. Initial this eased the pain however I suddenly started feeling really odd and my symptoms had intensified. So I stopped taking the Pregabalin and I had more of a dull ache. I find shaking my leg really help.

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Sorry but I have to respectively disagree. Pain is definitely a major component of RLS for me.

After suffering for 50 years with the symptoms of RLS (albeit, at the time, only in the feet, ankles and legs) it progressed, over a period of approximately 7 months, to engulf my whole body.

In the past 15 years, the severity has slowly and inevitably increased dramatically, incorporating immense pain. But (so far) only predomently in my legs.

My arteries and veins literally feel as if they are on fire. It's not a burning sensation (as I have sometimes heard it described). I can actually feel the flames.

Proof positive was after Hip Replacement Surgery, (with the assistance of the physio) I was encouraged to walk the following day, as is apparently the norm.

But I couldn't. The pain was absolutely excruciating. However, it was not in my left leg and/or hip (the site of said surgery) the pain was in the back of my right leg between my heel and knee.

Confusion reigned until it eventually dawned on me what the possible cause could be.

I was immediately returned to my room where I insisted on a meeting with the head nurse where I requested perusal of my medication chart. My suspicions were confirmed.

The orthopedic surgeon (thru his ignorance) had reduced my intake of Madopar. After all .... his speciality is bones, not the brain.

FOOTNOTE: As I had been completely free from RLS pain for 15 years, thanks to Madopar, the recognition was not immediate. But it didn't take long.


I am going to disagree with you Madlegs, for me any way on the sensations i have. it used to be the tickly, creepy crawling feelings in my legs, but never the soles of my feet. I now have a deep ache in my calves and its not any other condition but RLS also the back of the knees gets that pain from the ache. But i do agree that going by what the posted has said that other conditions need to be eliminated and the criteria for RLS is observed. Not everyone will have the same type of sensations, some have electric shock type ones, buzzing and so on. Oh and i DO have that urge to move and spend alot of nights pacing the get relief. :)

Eza82 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. I have an ache in the back of my leg and behind my knee. To relieve my ache I shake my leg or even circular motions with my hips ease the ache. I have booked an appointment with my doctor to see what he has to say.

I have been on Gabapentin and Pregabalin also been take a Tapentadol to ease the pain along with paracetamol.


This is the criteria for RLS to be diagnosed you have to meet all 5 of them. Yes, best to see what your doctor says.

Eza82 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much x

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