Is this a normal RLS symptom?

Hi everyone,

I have just signed up to this forum as I came across it while looking into some ways to help improve my symptoms.

I was diagnosed with RLS at the beginning of the year but haven't had any severe symptoms until recently... over the last couple of months my legs and arms are extremely painful. They hurt all day, every day, my arms and legs tire so easily and my right leg is noticeably worse. While giving my limbs a stretch can ease it very slightly it doesn't last and I'm finding that mild exercise (like walking) which is supposed to help seems to cause the aching to be worse.

Is this typical of RLS?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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  • To me that does not sound like RLS, but stick around for more experienced opinions.

    Have a look at

    You will find definitions of RLS there and possible treatments.

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  • now why would you tell people to wait until certain ones come on help, arent we all here to help and be helped ?? realy !!

  • that's what i thought other night ... there's always someone or other about to listen and help when possible as we all keep saying we all suffer differently no one person is the same and so no one person has the right or wrong answer ... sadly one day the experts might have the answers hmm... one can hope lol

  • the deal is we are ALL in this together, or arent we, it's a little dismissive of the other members realy to have said to wait for certain member's to come on, remember what happened to me not to long ago, i hung around waiting for advice, didnt get any, got an inquisition instead, plus when talking about years of experience with RLS dont we all have that ?. !!

  • yes.

  • Are you back yikes

  • Hiya and welcome :)

    As Yikes said more you talk about your symtoms the more you find out as you go along everyones different and react diffrently to meds im still on the search for the right combo like you i have it all over and can be painful at time i have RLS more or less 24/7 with hardly any rest ggrrr i have fibro with RLS which is more the pain side of it i think , I walk about all the time and as you have said only short term relief ,

    here's a good site for reading on as well as the one Yikes has given you hopefully you'll find them both useful,

    excuse any spelling errors lol

    good luck hope you find what your looking for

  • Thats the site i prefer, Gypsy, the other site has way to much stuff to wade through

  • Me too specially for them thats just learning about RLS the other ones great for learning what meds good and what to keep away from just wish they had a search bar on it type what your looking for on it easier to find stuff ,

  • gypsy49...thanks again for posting that address.

    I haven't visited it in 2 months..If I can't get answers

    on the other one, then I have that one again thanks

    to you.

  • That is an excellent site, too! ;)

  • HI, you describe "aching". Do you also have the uncontrollable urge to move? It is not involuntary movements, but that feeling that if you do not move the affected limbs, they feel like they will explode with "electrical charges" as it is sometimes described. Pain can be part of RLS, for sure, but also could be something else. have you had a sleep study done, to measure any movements you may have in your sleep so that you are not reaching the right stages of sleep? And are you any meds lately that could be ramping up the RLS? many meds can cause or make RLS worse., go to the treatment page and see the list of "Drugs and Foods to Avoid". IT is the most concentrated information by an RLS expert in one place. ;) But the diagnostic criteria of RLS is on both the web sites listed here, and it has to include the URGE to move. If we are only talking about pain here, it could be something else, like Fibro. Also, about 33% of people with Fibro also have RLS, as was studied in a two very long 5 year studies. So , it is wise to rule other things out, as well. Good luck!

  • Thank you all for your help, I will take a look at all those links. I'm happy with the restless legs diagnosis as I seem to tick most of the boxes I've come across! My doctor said I can expect it to get worse over time so wasn't sure if that is what's happening or if it was something new and unrelated

    This pain seems different somehow to what I'm used to and doesn't ease off with movement.

    I'm taking iron supplements as my doctor also said my low levels could affect rls and I also take vit D as I have had a severe deficiency of that.

    Thanks again, I will check the links and get back to you if I have more questions.

  • Leonard, I think that I am unlucky. = D

  • You are now you don't talk to me

  • Yes, RLS is progressive and can present itself in different ways as it does progress for most of us. There is always the exception, but symptoms vary from person to person, so we have to remember that different people are helped by different things, a simple thing like a web site and how it is set up. It depends on how our brains learn what web sites are best for us, so the more the merrier. Knowledge is power! ;)

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