Restless Legs Syndrome
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Off to doctors

Hello all, trouble here :)

Right, I am of to doctors today to get my serum ferritin levels to be checked (probably not today as they have given me afternoon appointment) and talk about the alternative medicine. I have been taking iron (40mg for the last 2nights, it works after 2 but not long and I don't want to carry on taking it till I know I am 100%ok to take them) and magnesium but last 2 nights I found hard to sleep even taking them. :) I do sleep eventually but rls felt like it is all over my body and pain coming from my hip to femur was unbearable. (Burning feeling)

What medicines are there that can ease my leg at night but not making me ill somewhere else in the body? :) I hope I am not too much pain but I need to know this before I go and see the drs. So I can have the medicine for emergencies. I am ok not sleeping much cause I am on holiday now but once the school starts I couldn't cope with not be able to sleep!

Thank you all so much in advance.


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Unfortunately a lot of drugs have side-effects. Take a look on or to get ideas on the drugs used.

Good luck at the Drs.

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Some form of codeine would probably be best for instant short term pain relief- but because of that very reason - is highly addictive.

Better to find the root cause of the hip pain.

Good luck.


+1 on Madlegs1's good advice.

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The magnesium kept me up at night even though it's supposed to do the opposite. I now take it with my lunch.

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As it show we are all different to all medications and vitamins. I take mine at dinner time as I take iron before bed on a empty stomach. X


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