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New to this condition


Hi all

I am 50 this year and female I have had a few nights now which cause me to not be able to sleep due to the desire to keep moving my arms and sometimes my legs . Also when just about to start dreaming my legs would go off on their own so annoying and exhausting !

Today I had to turn up for a shift late as I hadn’t had enough sleep luckily everyone was understanding but still lost 3 hours wage !

I am trying to cut down on caffeine and no alcohol at all and hope this helps and taking 2x2 Kalm tablets to get me to sleep as I feel so wide awake once my legs start moving a lot !

Any advice please I don’t usually drink alcohol but have liked my energy drinks and coffee and I also have beginning of athritis in one knee

I am on Rampril blood pressure tablets

Love Liz x

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Ramipril is quite notorious for aggravating rls.

And as you've said - caffeine and alcohol are in there as well.

So you have a few strikes against you.

has a list of meds to avoid.

Print it out and take to your doctor. Another useful site is

Good luck.

Lizzie108 in reply to Madlegs1

Oh thankyou yes I felt that something I had taken was causing this will do that straight away many thanks Liz x

i know how u feel lizzie , u might want too cut back on energy drinks , re alchohol think u can have a bit . for me coffee is a night mare . good luck

Yeah not going near energy drinks now thanks for messaging me x

Lizzie u are doing well ! keep at it ! I've stopped coffee ! my night better ! but at times very restless ! good luck ! x

yeah my nights have improved but I am still stretching, didnt have any caffiene yesterday and not really missing it which is good :)

I tried Kalms at one time. They seemed to make me sleep, but it wasn't a reinvigorating sleep, and in the morning I would feel almost as bad as if I hadn't slept at all. These days I use Valerian root extract (from a health shop). It's more subtle but I awake refreshed. As well as avoiding energy drinks, you may find that cutting out all such sweetened drinks may help.

Lizzie108 in reply to Eryl

Yeah thanks for the advice will give that a go as well i actually had nearly 8 hours sleep last night but had to have 4 Kalms before bed then woke up at 5:30am and took 2 more legs only made on jerk and that was once I got up going to get on a different blood pressure tablet but want to lose enough weight to not be on any tablets at all if possible I am off all canned drinks as well x

Lizzie108 in reply to Eryl

looked at the ingredients for Kalm tablets and they are valerian root :) I feel better using them and getting some sleep then having had no sleep x

peterfromlondon in reply to Eryl

good advice !

kalms are good ! by the way u need kalms night ! OK ? suoerdrug etc sell them ! rls us a thing u won't stop completely but all u are doing will help ! don't let it take over your life ! one more thing ! we are all here and suffering like u ! we help each other ! good luck ! x

thanks for that I find that the night time ones dont work for some reason so that is why I just use the day ones this site is amazing ! x

oh OK ! daytime ones then ! yes this site is amazing ! when u are suffering ,we understand as we all know how bad rls can be ! by the way happy easter ! maybe tonight will be better ! I we can only hope ! x

Thanks yes last night was the first time I wasn’t stretching my muscles so feel a bit more rested today :)

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