Legs vein massager

I note in the current L!dl catalogue for Ireland that there is a product that might interest some of you.

It looks like a boot that massages the leg and is claiming to ease muscle tension. Maybe like Restific and Relaxis products? ?

I make absolutely no claims whatsoever for this product.

It costs €45 here- maybe £35 in UK??

Might be worth a try if you can find that sort of money down the back of the sofa!😂


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  • Sounds interesting, you may give that sofa a right rattle!

  • Given that the Relaxis will set you back the guts of €1,000 (wouldn't like to estimate what that is worth in UK currency given current volatility), it sounds a snip ... if it works.

  • Indeed! I look forward to hearing if anyone tries it!

    Of course - the trouble with Lidl stuff is that it is on limited offer- however - a search on Amazon/ Ebay/ Alibaba may throw up the original!

  • I would certainly try it at that price. Could you please give us the name of it and the manufacturer so we could search for other suppliers Thank you

  • I've posted all I know.

    If it's not on offer in the UK this week , you could check it out in lidl.ie to see if you can get any more info. Their brand is usually ' Sanitas' for health products -- but may be made by some other manufacturer specially for this market.

    Good luck.

    As I said before- I make absolutely no claims for this product. I'm just letting people know that it is out there.

  • thank you i will have a search

  • Ok- I've had some spare moments to research this.

    Seems to be only on offer in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    So you could get Raffs to do a bulk deal and send them over to mainland with a few of them Politicos who are doing a deal with mother Teresa in London.

    Sorry for raising your hopes.

    I must say , there are some weird and wonderful products out there in Alibaba land- my mind is in boggle overdrive!😆

    Sleep well all my lovely people.

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