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I was just surfing around the site-trying to learn more about navigating this site on my computer. (I'm left handed, right brain dominant and absolutely confused by most things technical) Anyway, found a 2 month old post from chrillo1976 Haven't seen that name again. He/she mentioned being greatly helped by taking prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. The post said chrillo had been doing this for about 7 weeks and has noticed a difference for the better re rls spmptoms. Chrillo1976, if you read this I would love to know more about your experience-type took, how much, etc. It makes sense that improved gut health and less 'leaky gut' would help our nervous system and our brain. I'm really going to research this. I know prebiotics and probiotics have helped many people but haven't gotten involved because I don't know how to choose effective ones from some that may misrepresent their product. Would love to hear anything you guys have discovered about this connection. The whole idea makes a lot of sense. (It's my own issue but I'm very skeptical about supplements-too many are just moneymakers). Also, I tend to dismiss websites that offer health solutions if they involve trying to sell you their product. Probably I should be more open about this. Any and all information appreciated on this. Thanks, burmag

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  • NO site that is selling "products" or other things, in the RLS context, has an agenda. I have been managing groups for 25 years now, and it is our number ! rule. NO selling of any product, or service, allowed ever. There is no wiggle room on this, and the rule is the same on here. :)

  • Hi Nightdancer, what you do sounds interesting. I came to the computer late in life and appreciate any info re checking out sites. I see more and more sites that want a lot of information before allowing you to read their info. Are there ways to protect yourself or websites with helpful info?

  • Agree with you 100% about sites giving advice and then " oh , by the way , I have just the product that is the answer to your prayers" Yeah - right!😁

    There have been many conversations on this and other sites about gut health and the body biome. It makes sense to keep healthy and avoid triggers (Now -- who on this site goes on and on about triggers and diaries ? ) I wonder !😆

    Keep on digging and enjoy the journey.

  • Thanks, I will. A lot of scams to watch out for.

  • And these products never seem to have reasonable prices to me. Also, I'm leary of giving my card info to strange sites. This is never happened to me but I have friends who have tried to buy a product once and then find they are being sent more product monthly on a continuing basis. I'm so not trusting. I also have just one card account I keep very little money in and only put enough money in to buy online.At least if this gets scammed, I won't lose a lot! It's the only card I use to buy online. Several years ago some scammers in another country attempted to have my Social Security info changed. Fortunately, I caught it before they could complete the process. I am overly cautious now. I love shopping online but it pays to be really careful!!!

  • Try reading Michael Moseley's book. I think it's called Healthy Gut Diet. He doesn't specifically mention rls but probably only because, like so many people, he doesn't know much about it. I am pretty convinced some sort of food allergy might be a contributing factor in rls. Our diet is wrong in so many ways. I have had no symptoms after over 10 years of struggling with rls and I have weaned myself off meds. I no longer drink any alcohol, am virtually sugar free and following a Mediterranean type diet. I also take Magnesium Citrate.

  • kicinsil, good morning. Thanks for the info. After reading your post, I googled his book The Healthy Gut Diet. There was a lengthy review-very informative- in the Daily Mail .( found it online under After reading it, I was impressed that Dr Mosley has one of the better books out about the healthy gut issue. I can order from amazon, and think I will. He really goes into not only what to do but also why. I always want to know the thinking behind the advice and his book (from the review) appears to do this in depth. He also has a website called Am going to check that out later today. Thanks again.

  • Hi

    I have been doing the same as you for 3 months. I can have the odd day off the 'diet' without RLS returning but if I eat sugary things, carbs and alcohol my RLS returns.

  • Same here exactly. I know it's different for everyone but I do wonder if it might be some sort of allergic reaction for other s too, just as migraine is, with people having different triggers. I hope very much that we both continue to be free of symptoms, it's been such a huge relief to be able to relax and watch TV or read without having to stand up and walk around while doing it. And I can go to the cinema or a concert without annoying people because of having to jiggle my legs around

  • I agree re the allergic reactions. I thing our bodies have so many foreign substances to fight these days and it affects out immunesystems. This is my theory but don't know where to go with this, other that start with food, preservatives, additives etc. Anxious to hear other opinions.

  • By way of history - there is a syndrome called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome - basically a poisoning (adverse reaction) by a Fluoride based antibiotics. Common names are Cipro, Levaquin and others. I took 2 courses of Cipro in 2008-2009 for a prostate infection. It totally screwed up my gut health! I felt fortunate because many have tendon ruptures and other severe reactions, sometimes many years after use. I never made the connection 'till years later and just treated IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) with probiotics. Pretty much tried every one out there. I still take probiotics every day with a fiber and prebiotic supplement. I still have some gut issues but nothing like the years of bloating, gut pain, and alternating bowel issues.

    I think the FQ toxicity directly contributed to my RLS, and probiotics helped with a lessening of symptoms. It's hard to recommend a good probiotic - search and read reviews and also take fermented foods like kimchi.

    BTW - FQs now have a very clear black box warning (USA) - only use for life/death situations.

  • Hi DicCarlson, Boy this is some helpful information. BTY, I read somewhere-wish I had saved the site- that it might not be a bad idea to step up pre- and probiotic foods as soon as you start a course of antibiotics. It might not prevent gut problems but maybe this would limit them.Worth looking into. I try to stay away from antibiotics but I didn't realize what toxic chemicals they can be made from. Here in the US you're being offered antibiotics every time you sneeze. (Well, not really, but you get my drift). After I read your reply I did some research on the adverse reactions from the fluoroquinolone. It's amazing how many areas of the body it affects and how toxic. It made me wonder about how much fluoride (think it's related to the fluoroquinolone but will research more) we ingest everyday here in the US-starting with our water supply, and it's hard to find toothpaste sometimes without fluoride. On that subject, I don't use toothpaste anymore; I use baking soda -with the blessings of my Indian dentist. I try to use as many natural or homemade products as I can but for some dumb reason I am still using tap water. Am going to get a water filter SOON! Thanks so much for this info. I love it when one small piece of information leads you down a whole new path. Thanks, again burmag (a research junkie)LOL

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