Restless Legs Syndrome
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Pain in the leg

Just joined, first got restless leg in the Army where the cure was a run, then after 19 years things out of my control meant I left disabled with amongst other things a nervous system which was not what it was, I've had everything from restless legs to involuntary spasms that can throw me out of bed in an instant, the thing that made me join was a post from a man who is going into Hospital joint replacement, I've had a hip replaced and a knee twice, this caused a whole new set of problems now this may not be protocol but if I can help someone having a joint replaced its worth it.

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Hi Blue is the colour. I had my knee replaced last year and the drugs the gave me (Oxycodon) while in there stopped my rls. It was only when I finished the course of meds and the rls and insomnia returned that I saw a post by chance from this site between Pippens2, Madlegs1 and Jools that I saw the Oxycodon mentioned and made the connection. Luckily for me my doctor listened and read the posts from the above and prescribed them for me.

I am so grateful to this site and the 3 very knowledgeable people mentioned above. Fingers crossed that it stays this way for a very long time.

Wishing you all the best. Smiler


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