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Restless Legs Syndrome

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I think I have Restless Leg Syndrome but I'm still unsure...


Hi all :)

I'm only new to this website as I thought it could help me with something troubling me. Ever since I could remember, I've always had the urge to move my legs. When I was very little I use to run around our back yard and just wouldn't stop because I was so restless and just felt like I had to move my legs. Later on my parents brought me a trampoline which really helped with my my urge to move my legs. Only recently I've come to think this is quite concerning as when I was talking to some people about it and they said that's not normal to want to move your legs around that much. So I did some research and think I could have Restless Legs Syndrome but one of the main things I read about it is that you get pain in your legs, I don't get that it's more mentally I think, sometimes they fidget by themselves but it does not hurt. I'm just really unsure about it and want to ask before I go to doctor and look like a fool. Thank you :)

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Hi Lilli

This link may help you decide whether you are suffering from RLS. rls-uk.org/diagnosis/ You do not have to suffer "pain" as such, to qualify for the RLS diagnosis. You may well have to educate your doctor as not many know much if anything about RLS so it is best to read up about it on this forum or from the RLS-UK website before making an appointment. Knowledge is power.

There is also a link on the RLS-UK website for the professionals: rls-uk.org/professional-res...

I have no idea if you are from the UK or not. :)

Pain is certainly not a prerequisite for rls. I suspect only a minority suffer pain. It's just that they are very vocal!!!😆😆😅😈

I've never had pain- just fidgetty tickly sensation that doesn't ease except with massage or movement.

Just one thought regarding your childhood experience-- would you have had a lot of soft drinks- colas etc- at that time- or even coloured sweets?

I used to find they drove me altogether up the walls. And as a former teacher , knew this was a factor with overactive children.

It's not so much of a problem nowadays, with more natural colourings.

Good luck with your Dr.

But read the articles in Kaarinas reply before going to the Dr. Also there are good articles thereon medications to avoid.--- about which many Drs haven't a clue.

At my last appointment with a new Dr - I was offered Phenergan and Amytriptoline. All the regulars are in stitches reading that.😂😂😂😂😂

So be warned and be prepared.

LilliGHass in reply to Madlegs1

Thank you for the reply! I use to have the occasional soft drink here and there but then my parents decided it was best if we went sugar free, that was when I was about 7. I never have really enjoyed sweats or anything like that, it was just soft drink I liked. Lemonade use to drive me up the walls insanely that's mainly the reason why our family went sugar free😂 but still after we cut sugar from our diets I was still very hyperactive but not as much. I just though it was normal because I experienced it all throughout my childhood but now that I've read a few things about Restless leg syndrome I'm quite certain I might have it, but I was still unsure because I don't get pain but it's more like what you said fidgety sensations and I also think it's a bit of metal imagination? For me anyway (if that makes sense).

I'm the same no pain but get very uncomfortable in the legs now arms body as well,you just can't settle or get comfortable,my son ( who is disabled) massages my legs for me helps a little bit I also have a weighted blanket my other children got me not sure that really works...been on Tramadol SR for two years due to bad knees,had first surgery on R knee last year second full knee replacement 5 weeks ago on my L knee...I'm 58

I'm surprised the Tramadol doesn't relieve your symptoms.

There are many triggers that set off RLS -- alcohol, antihistamines and many others.

It's worth keeping a food diary to get a feeling for what might be setting you off.


Hidden in reply to Madlegs1

I use balneum superplus cream it works brillliantly

Spot on!


It sounds like RLS, usually when you have it as a child its called Primary RLS, genetic, inherited from a parent. It doesnt sound as if your parents have it, as i am sure they would have said, but they could still have passed the gene down to you.

I do get pain with my RLS, its a deep ache. I USED to get the creepy crawly sensations but it seems to have changed.

I don't get pain at all but it's as if pressure builds up behind my knee until only marching around doggedly helps. I did have it as a child, and I think my father must have had it, although no - one spoke about it at the time. 2of my children have it, worse than I did at their age. I have found that it has got worse with age, so am trying everything and very grateful to this forum. At the moment I am on the Neupro patch and a 50 gramme Tramadol during the evening. This is mostly working for the Time being. My doctor at the sleep clinic has given me a prescription to be tested for zinc.

I don't get pain in my legs and I have RLS. I have this uncontrollable urge to move my legs, and it is so strong that if i don't move, they will make me move. I think the urge to move and the feeling you get, feels like pain to some. I'm not sure. But I have had RLS for years. It get it during the day sometimes, and always at night. It is so annoying.


Pain with RLS is now being reconised as real for some people. I still get the urge to move always have done. Like i said the usual type of sensations that most people explain they have like the creepy crawling, some say it feels like ants going up and down their legs. I USED to get those sensations.

just because you move your legs around sure doesn't mean you have rls but seems most do, for some dumb reason our society has picked up on all these crazy things people never had before..anyhow watch peoples legs and you will see they are always moving them , jostling them up and down etc, I think mostly it is a nervous habit, I could never sit still when I was a kid but hey, I was a kid they are not suppose to sit still!! don't look for a sickness when there is none, be thankful you could run around, I don't know why everyone is running around all the time looking for a disease to have makes no sense to me...as for rls get the brand NOW essential oils, it is cheaper than most, they are all the same don't let anyone tell you differently, they just want to make more money on their brands, NOW won a purity award for their oils so they must be pretty good, I have used them for three years, the Lord turned me onto to them when I got hurt...they are the biggest miracle I have found down here...I make my own blend peppermint, wintergreen, grapefruit, lavender. that in itself would be good enough or even just two any two of these, mixed with a little carrier oil, can be baby oil vegetable olive doesn't matter, I don't usually measure since I have been doing this so long I just pour a little in a spray bottle , maybe a couple caps of each then add your carrier oil, about the same amount, shake it and spray it on and rub it in, rls goes away...you can use this for every ache and pain, headaches, mirgraines also, take a dab spread it on ear lobe and all around outside of ear behind your ear on that round bone, put a dab on temples and across the back of your neck I put a dab across the middle of my forehead for good measure and wah lah head ache leaves in a minute no pills needed, I helped a girl the other day who had this headache for a week and in one minute it was gone, she freaked, I helped my cashiers who got migraines and one of them her migraines would knock her out but I used the oils and it left and she could not believe it, helps colds etc back aches hip aches you name it...God turned me onto this when I got hit by a car from behind and it changed my life...LOOOOOOOOVE IT................GOD BLESS YA ALLLLL

I used to get a restless arm when I was young. I don’t get it in my arm anymore. And I only occasionally get this same sensation without pain in my legs And only in the past few years. I’ll be 60 in February. I found taking an acetaminophen helps. My doctor said as long as that helps keep using it. I started using something else that I sell that also works. Interesting about the triggers. The 2 mentioned wouldn’t be my triggers cuz if they were, I’d have it much more often than I do. I sure wish I knew what caused it though.

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