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Restless leg


I am currently taking Gabapenten and Amytriptolin for my restless leg. Medical Marijuana is illegal in my state. I started taking Hemp Cannibus Oil (30mg every morning) and taking a few hits on a bong every evening. I have cut down to 2, 500mg of Gabapentin a day instead of the 3 pills. I gave run out of my hemp oil and have not smoked in 2 days. Tonite I had to take 3 pills for my restless leg. Tomorrow I will go buy my hemp oil. I have found a local supply. There are 5 strains of MJ that help restless leg. I guess I just need to find d the right supplier.

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Hi Chileman, can you tell me what are the 5 strains? I can’t find one that will help my rls. By the way amitryptiline is one of the drugs that worsens rls in the vast majority of sufferers (doctors often prescribe it not knowing this).

The 5 strains are, Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)...Holy Ghost (Hybrid)...Purple Kush (Indica)...AC/DC (Hybrid)...Afghan Kush (Indica). I have not tried any, but am going to research finding them. I live in a non-legal state so I may have a tough time. Good luck, and let me know if you find something that works.

Thanks so much for that. Sadly, I don't have seeds for any of those strains :( As a matter of interest have you tried any that haven't worked?

Not yet. I am going now to get some new Hemp oil to try.

Yeah man-cut the Ami.

Bad stuff.

Bad doctors.

Real bad.


+1 on Madlegs1 - cut out the amitriptaline, (which DOES NOT TREAT RLS), which is notoriously bad for RLS. Doing that alone might be enough to really ease things.

Maybe do a little reading and educate your doctor who obviously knows as much about RLS as I do about navigating the galaxy MACS0647-JD.

The absolute best thing to do is to wean off that Amitriptyline. It is tops on the list of meds that will make RLS way worse. It is on the Drugs to Avoid list. It is a tricyclic antidepressant and is the first thing to look at. For "normal" people At helps to promote sleep, and is also used for prevention of migraines and some forms of depression. My personal story is, before I knew what RLS was 31 yrs ago, I was on that med for migraines, I literally was looking for the highest window to jump out of, the RLS was soooooo bad. Then,. I got my first computer, found out that tricyclics will make your legs nuts. Told my doctor, he had no idea back then either, I had him put me on pramipexole, I was violently I'll, and now 30 years later, have my meds list about a sperfect as it can get, I have serious chronic pain conditions, too. Marijuana is now legal in my state as of July 1st. Too bad the UK has not caught up yet, hopefully they will. This group is the forum for the RLS-UK Foundation. Lots of good info on their web site.

There are many cannabis strains that help RLS. I consider my unmedicated condition severe RLS. I get it in my whole body. Whole-plant cannabis helps me tremendously and is as immediate relief as I can get. My primary research concludes that of the two varieties, Sativa and Indica, Indica dominant strains are more helpful for RLS. CBD is extracted from the whole plant. That specific part helps with movement disorders so many people get relief from CBD in many forms. THC is another specific part of cannabis, which effectively targets neurological pain (also creates the euphoric feeling). When my RLS is bad I feel like a cattle prod is touching my L5 every 15 -30 seconds. No sleeping when that is happening--I absolutely must get up. Inhaling cannabis can stop an episode in under 30 seconds. You can get strains that have high CBD or THC or both. And the strains (thousands of strains) all have qualities of their own but usually fall into Sativa or Indica or hybrid. Lots of info on sites like that break it down as far as you want to go. Hope you find rest.

As far as my research has shown, the five strains for RLS are.. Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)...Holy Ghost (Hybrid)...Purple Kush (Indica)...AC/DC Hybrid...Afghan Kush (Indica). But since I am in an illegal state, it may take some time to get one of these. I started on Charlotte's Web Hemp oil today and will see how it goes.

Like I said, and am verifying from personal use, it is not only five strains that help RLS symptoms. The strain I have now is not in your list and it works wonders (Jack Herr). BTW I have used hundreds of strains that treat my RLS symptoms well.

One of the strains on your list, AC/DC, was less effective for me. A quick look on shows it is a 20:1 CBD:THC strain. This strain might be better for someone with movement issues and no associated neurological pain from RLS.

I have only just started researching this. I am interested in your in put. Like I said though. In my state, it is very hard to find and get what I need to try different strains personally.

I understand the issues of legality and access. My advise on that is talk to people you trust and be prudent. Until that works itself out I wish you rest.

Hi there, I use cannabis to help me sleep (I make it up into an edible) but so far for me it doesn’t help much, if at all, with my urge to move. I understand it is strain specific. Have you found any strains that don’t work at all for you?

I would love to find a strain that worked to quiet my legs. I have tried indica dominant and sativa dominant strains but so far none have worked for the legs.

I always found I needed high THC strains. I had a specially bred high CBD one but it didn't work so well.

High THC for sure. It also depends on the amount that you take in the form that you take it in. It could be smoked. It could be vaporized which is ideal. You could use a tincture and you could eat it as an edible. The nice thing about smoking or vaporizing is it it is in your system instantly and can knock out pain for a couple of hours. I find it but I'm really in a bad patch with my RLS that using a lot of tincture will calm things down but I have to use quite a bit and it has to be a high THC tincture. have been experimenting for about 4 years and still have a lot more experimenting to do to find out what works because as we all know restless legs has its own life of ups and downs.

I’m glad that you’re getting some relief, however, have you considered the possibility that the Amitriptyline could be making matters worse?

Obviously it works for some people but immediately I was put on it, I almost climbed the walls! People on here suggested Amitriptyline could be the culprit. I stopped immediately ( thankfully I badn’t been on it very long) & apart from a few days clearing it from my system, my restless legs are 100% better.

Might be worth speaking with your doctor?

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I have already quit the amitriptyline. I am also going to try Kratom. It is legal in my state and I have already researched the strain for RLS.

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