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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Healthy gut-less inflammation


I forgot to mention Dr Mosley (UK-TV). A recent episode contained a feature on gut bacteria and it's importance to our wellbeing. A scientist ran a series of experiments on introducing healthy bacteria into the gut. It concluded that the best method was full fat probiotic yoghurt. As the stomach contains enough acid to melt a fizzy drinks tin (as shown in the programme), it explained that animal fat was by far the best method of protecting the bacteria long enough to get it into the gut. It worked even better than the capsules.

Hope that helps.

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What about Kefir?


He didn't mention that but it's in the same area. I've got some in fridge and gave a few sips each day.


That is not what the research shows:


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I'd like to ensure I have healthy gut bacteria without using animal products. I don't really like advocating using milk products as I don't like the meat industry. I had a look at the link you posted on two occasions. I think you have to subscribe to it. Can you recommend a site which has vegan recipes for promoting gut health? Thanks


Plant based whole foods--unrefined grains, veggies, fruit, fermented foods. Lots of discussion here:



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