Restless Legs Syndrome
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A BIG Thank You!

Couldn't find the posts but wanted to thank those of you who devote so much time to help and advice

e, sometimes without a response from the sufferer. I wanted to increase my fitness and started to train for a charity cycle ride but was frustrated by the increase in RLS. I stopped training but had no improvement and thought Tramadol had finally given up on me. I started on Bisglycinate (Gentle Iron), taken at night on an empty stomach, following advice on here but saw no change after a week. For nearly a month I had been really suffering and wasn't prepared for the ride but went ahead and did the 45 miles. That night I slept through without any symptoms in spite of the massive change in activity and have been clear for a week - is it the iron or the mental effect of 'challenge over'? No idea, but will stay on the iron and get my ferritin levels monitored (used to be around 70 with some supplements). Why am I writing this in the wee hours? Long story but a cooking disaster, a can of chilli, a glass of wine and a scrap of chocolate were to blame - well I had to celebrate a full week of sleep didn't I?

Thanks again!


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Well done. I also think that anxiety exacerbates the problem. Thank goodness you slept at last! Your poor legs did not even have the energy left to practise RLS....!!


lol I like that - celebrating sleep that most people do with ease every night!

I had 8 hours of sleep 2 weeks ago and had to stop myself from calling my friends to inform them of the good news.

Great things re working out and long may they last.


well done

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So pleased to read this. Great news. Congratulations on completing the cycle as well as the improved sleep.

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