Kinesiology and BIG THANKS

Hi Everyone,

Hamish 58's wife here 😊

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all for your great posts. It has made me understand my hubbies condition so much more !! In fact I sound quite knowledgeable when I come out with some helpful tips for him. It truly is a horrific thing you all go through every night and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. As a wife of RLS sufferer it's a tough thing to watch and live along side. I truly believe there must be an answer somewhere !

We're off to a massively recommended Kinesiologist this Monday so we'll let you know how it goes. She even mentioned the word cure on the phone so we're keeping everything crossed.

Take care xx

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  • Sounds hopeful! Good luck.

    Glad you find the site helpful.

  • So pleased the forum has been usefull for you,I do hope you get some results from the Kinesiology but did nothing for me I went quite a few times good luck

  • Keep the diet in mind. It helps some people.

  • Hi Graham3196

    We have been lately. Years ago we learnt the no alcohol or Caffeine situation. Spotted a trigger at Christmas when he was confined to a smokers room for four hours.....that was a bad night ! Also found a trigger in chocolate, particularly milk or dark. White can still do it though especially if eaten in the evening. Also learnt sugar is doing it too especially if eaten in the evening. Trying to avoid high sugar things and processed foods. A banana at night is a great thing though. It's amazing what you can connect a trigger point.

  • Kinesiology sounds exciting - good luck and keep us up to date!

  • It sounds like you have found a connection between some foods and RLS I wonder if this means that he will be one of the people who can be helped by a diet. If you are interested then I suggest that you look at the Royal Prince Alfred's Hospital site.

    get back to me if you want to discuss this. I have more information but my computer is playing up tonight

  • Thanks for this we'll take a look. We're on UK time so 11.38am here😊

  • Good luck with the appointment but I am skeptical of it already simply because the word cure was used! There is no cure for RLS x

  • No cure? You haven't tried the soap then :p

  • Oooooh no must try the soap l x

  • No one has reported any success with the soap. I tried it for about a month with no improvement but I interrupted that experiment by moving to the low chemical diet which gave me 16 consecutive nights with zero RLS. I have started re-introducing foods with mixed success. BUT I now EXPECT to sleep without RLS so I think the diet has been a success as a work in progress. It doesn't even take much will power if you just think about the alternative before you put anything in your mouth. You have to commit to following it totally with no "little exceptions" or special treats or other garbage for about 6 weeks before you decide it doesn't work.

  • Quinine is good.

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