Trying all of the non-medicinal techniques


I've gone 5 nights without an attack. I've cooked beetroot and drank the water and ate some each day - for iron. I've been eating organic food. (I read an article on the lack of minerals in our food due to intensive farming). I've used the calcium spray as sguuested on here. I've used mineral creams, soaked my feet in magnesium flakes and eaten organic honey from the Zambian jungle - in case there is anything I'm lacking in that.

Might be too early to say but I'm going to keep it up.

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  • Congratulations, long may it last.

    I too have read about how our food is many times less nutritious that it used to be so much so our '5' a day should be about 15 a day!

  • Remeber that it's not always what you add to your diet, it's often what you leave out.

  • Please tell me more. I'm new on the site.

  • See my reply to other posts today. Caffeine is a common trigger as is chilli and for me E202 artificial preservative. I've read that all the sorbates are bad.

  • Hi

    Thanks for info. I knew about caffeine but not the other items. I'll be more careful about these. Now I think about it, for a few weeks, I was eating half a green chilli per day. Thanks

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