Restless Legs Syndrome
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Before Sleep Beginners Meditation on You Tube - Jason 6.8 M views


I tried this meditation whilst in bed using headphones. The visualisation in it concentrates on the spine. It talks about 'chakras' etc which I have been sceptical about. Anyway, it worked I felt very relaxed. I had a great night's sleep.

The You Tube clip has an illustration of a golden figure in a yoga pose.

In addition to this, I've been I've researching the countries with the lowest prevalence of RLS and the articles I read said Asian countries had the least and Nordic countries the most. It appears to be more prevalent in women. It got me thinking what do they do different to those of us in the West. I believe Their families are more closenit - perhaps less stress, more supportive. Their lifestyle might be more rural. They eat more turmeric than we tend to. Perhaps they are more in tune with some form of spirituality i.e. Relaxing the nervous system. They eat less meat and processed foods. They are exposed to less toxins i.e. Modern medicine, lotions and potions.

Based on advice on this site I have been spraying on magnesium, I've had iron water in orange juice at night. I've eaten more organic food and had a banana most evenings. Ive soaked my feet in magnesium flakes a few times as well. I've also purchased mineral creams and spent time before bed in my bedroom (no TV) doing little pampering things. I am sort of telling myself I am looking after myself.

As I posted earlier I've had 6 good nights sleep on the trot.

Hope some of this helps.

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That's great news.

It would be interesting to check whether rural Asia and urban Asia have similar rls figures.

Glad you're doing well.

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That did cross my mind but I don't think as many studies have been conducted in Asia as in 'first world' countries. Who knows what the answer is! I guess we're all clutching at straws.


Whatever works for you, keep doing it. Vit D also could be a factor. I have MS which is more prevalent in Northern areas; rare in Africa & Asia, tropics. Speculation links it to sunlight/vit D so perhaps the same is true of RLS. I've tried meditation & it is helpful but doesn't stop my RLS. Stress is definitely a factor.

Great that you've had 6 night's good sleep. Long may it continue,

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I'm based in Tokyo japan (North East Asia) but RLS is actually increasing here.

There is some research suggesting that a vitamin D deficiency can play a role too. I do notice my symptoms improve when I'm on holidays and relaxed!

Stress (stress hormones) stimulate the release of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

Meditation, deep breathing, gentle yoga and stretching all do help switch on the body's calming nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system).

I have a while food organic diet, but it hasn't seemed to help at all. I haven't explored the Fodmaps diet yet.

I think hormones have an impact too. Perhaps excess estrogen can make it worse.

It's incredibly complex!

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Does this mean you tried it and it worked?


I've done fodmop. I have some food intolerance. I'm trying low carb right now.

I've taken 2 mindful meditation courses and meditate everyday.

Yoga is forthcoming as I am healing from rotator cuff surgery. But almost ready to start back.

We try to eat all organic.

Was vegan 18 mos. Vegetarian 6 mos. Saw no diff.




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