SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR !!! .....and kinesiology

Hi Everyone,

I posted a few weeks ago about seeing a Kinesiologist as an alternative route to finding some solutions. The dury's out so far and it definitely was a weird experience !

She picked up on my Kidneys being out of balance and not functioning correctly mixed with deficiencies in Iron, Magnesium, B and B12 vitamins which are often mentioned by you on this forum and rls literature. She said all my current OTS vitamins were useless and doing nothing and I had to pay a small future for some organic pure ones together with a diet of No Wheat, No Cow dairy or Pig meat. A tall order as all gluten free food is horrible but I'm following through as I've got nothing to loose. She has said each person is different and it can take a few weeks to notice any changes but I must say that with out mentioning the dreaded word S---p I do seem to having a better nights. She is taking a gentle approach and I see her again on the 20th March so will keep you posted.

What I have noticed is staying off all sugar is helping ! And definitely not hindering, but when having sugar it triggers a far worse patch and my arms and legs go nuts.

I haven't tried coming down from my Meds yet as she suggested waiting to see how it goes. Just thought the info may help someone going through the same.

Best wishes

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  • Sugar is known as a big trigger for some people.

  • Ah seems to one of mine too ! That and chocolate, caffeine, Alcohol.....hay ho !

  • Chocolate will have sugar in it. and Alcohol is usually a big no no for most RLSers, its my only trigger.

  • Ahh, we knew about Chocolate but not the sugar part of it.

  • Alcohol and Pramipexole don't agree!

  • Oh and if your Kidneys are not functioning correctly according to her, I would be concerned about that and i would see your doctor so they can test you.

  • We see the Kinesiologist again on Monday so we'll see what see says first. She did give me a tincture to take for detoxing and balancing the Kidneys and it's given me back an leg ache while it does its job, it's starting to ease off now. She also upped my water intake as I was dehydrated so that wasn't helping.

  • I know nothing about kinesiology but its interesting that she hit on several things that are known RLS triggers. Because I know nothing I am inclined to be suspicious which might be unreasonable. I presume you told her that you had RLS so she just needed to do 30 minutes with doctor Google to know what to suggest. I had a guy on the phone from UK the other day selling me some fruit juice from a tree I have never heard of for AUD60 per bottle which he claimed is effective for RLS. He couldn't cite any research to this effect and I am sure I could buy snake oil with the same guarantee.

    As a indication I went on a gluten free diet and it definately improved things which led me to the FODMAP diet and then the low chemical diet which (for me) has been very successful

    However its interesting that here is another connection between food and RLS. Perhaps fasting is the long term solution?

    I note that its very expensive. You might do as well by adopting the FODMAP exclusion diet or the more extreme version of the low chem diet which cost little.

    Some people have found almost immediate relief in the FODMAP diet while others find they get only a big imrovement and there are unfortunate people who find no improvement. In my case I went gluten free and achieved a significant improvement, then FODMAP friendly for a 80% reduction and a fair amount of sleep. Now I am trying the Prince Alfred Hospital Low Chem exclusion diet and I an experiencing periods of up to 16 consecutive nights sleep. Before going gluten free I wasn't getting one night in 365 without RLS and 2 to 5 hours of walking.

    Are you able to go to your doctor and say "Test my kidneys - a kinesiologist says they are unbalanced"? If it was me I think I would try it and see what the doctor says but would you have to pay for the tests?

    Thanks for pioneering the kinesiologist path for all of us. We will be watching your progress.


  • Hi,

    It's interesting how many things can be an rls trigger. Definitely if I've given in and had something sweet late in the evening it kicks it off. I haven't worked out whether the Wheat or dairy free is helping but I see the Kinesiologist for my second appointment on Monday so I'll let you know what's next in my regime and how I'm progressing.

    I was Augmenting on my Repinorole but have stayed at 2.5mg total dose and the doctor has started my Gabapentin switch over at the bottom rung, but until we've gone further with the Kinesiologist I've stayed with the status quo as fingers crossed ........I say no more......bad Karma or juju may jinx me 😊

  • several years ago I too went for treatment with a Kinesiologist. However, for me, after many weeks of appointments- all private!- and having to order different vitamins and supplements- all organic- and organic oils etc to eat, personally didn't find any relief at all. However, I wish you well and hope it works for you !! All the best

  • Fingers crossed eh !

  • This is all interesting reading, so thank you everyone. I know that I need to cut right down on my sugar intake, as I feel dreadful following an evening binge, but I need serious help to do so as I just seem to always fail. Of course it's not just my RLS that will suffer, but my health. I posted about binge behaviours and the dopamine drugs we take, so we are truly up against it.

  • I found the sugar an interesting one too ! I knew chocolate wasn't good as it has caffeine in it but definitely sweet stuff late in the evening creates merry hell with me.

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