Slept with no medication nor iron!

I just wanted to share that I slept last night 8 and a half hours with no iron tablets!

Woke up as usual around 1am and thought better take the iron bisglycinate but didn't need to cause fell asleep while thinking about it! :)

I walk week days around 5/6k. I do take turmeric, folic acid, b12 in the morning then calcium+vitd and magnesium in the afternoon. I did cut out all the cafeine/chocolate/alcohol too. Wonder it is all food related??! I have now been free from prami for 3 weeks! Feeling like a new person! :))

So I hope I inspire everyone that thinking/trying to come off from prami. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Long it may continue. :)

Again thank you all for giving me a hand on my journey! I couldn't do this without you. !


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  • Glad that you're making progress, and considering the food connection. Yes caffeine is a common culprit and I'm strongly suspecting chilli. My personal main trigger is E202 preservative, though I've yet to come across anyone else with the same problem. Good luck for the future.

  • I had chilli yesterday and had a bad night so you may be right ! I had coffee in the day - the day before - and had a good night.

  • I had chilli today and will see how I do. I had chilli before but I didn't feel the symptoms going bad.


  • I keep avoiding e202 since I read it On here but I like to try it someday to see if I react badly.

    Thank you.


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