Slept with no medication nor iron!

I just wanted to share that I slept last night 8 and a half hours with no iron tablets!

Woke up as usual around 1am and thought better take the iron bisglycinate but didn't need to cause fell asleep while thinking about it! :)

I walk every day around 5/6k. I do take turmeric, folic acid, b12 in the morning then calcium+vitd and magnesium in the afternoon. I did cut out all the cafeine/chocolate/alcohol too. Wonder it is all food related??! I have now been free from prami for 3 weeks! Feeling like a new person! :))

So I hope I inspire everyone that thinking/trying to come off from prami. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel :)

Long it may continue. :)

Again thank you all for giving me a hand on my journey! I couldn't do this without you. !


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  • Wow, It's been over 25 years since I slept 8 hrs in one go so that is BRILLIANT. Really pleased for you.


  • Sending you good vibes! B.

  • thanks!

  • Rock on. How's it going so far? Wishing you continued nights of good sleep. Yay

  • Hi.

    Thanks for asking. I am doing ok thanks. Giving up pramipexole was best thing in my life. :)

    I now think it is definitely food related in my case.

    I only take iron if my rls get worse at night.

    How are you?


  • Good here. If I lay off the sugar 😄😄😄😄

  • SO pleased for you B. That is wonderful. Long may it continue.

    One thing I am becoming more convinced about in regard to pramipexole is that it distorted my appreciation of sweet food - I have a sweet tooth, no denying it, but I got an unholy rush of pleasure when I ate chocolate etc when I was on pramipexole which I just don't get now. It is much easier to resist the temptation and I think my appetite generally is better controlled. I am speculating it is something to do with the interaction with dopamine. One more way in which the pernicious pramipexole messes us up.

  • Thank you dancer :)

    I have a sweet tooth too but hardly get to eat nowadays as it seem to trigger my rls.

    I can't remember feeling like you do when it comes to chocolate though. I wish I had something good would of came out using prami. Nothing! It was working fine with sleep and rls but made me miserable person!


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