I need some help

I have not had a decent night's sleep for ages and the last 2 weeks have been unbearable the only thing I have done differently is taking a higher dose of iron twice daily and a high dose of magnesium 375mg with vitamin B complex, once a day I still take my Mirapexin .52 mg slow release in the morning, and at bedtime I take 2 Gabapentin 300mg +1 Tramadol 50mg and 1 Clonazepam Auden 500 mcg and I am not sleeping probably getting about 4 hours if I am lucky and feel like death in the mornings with a splitting headache which does eventually go away and do not feel "with it" for at least an hour. I am a permanent Zombie!!

This RLS is really terrible affecting people in so many different ways, I have had it for about 30 years now, tried all sorts of things nothing works long term,I am under a neurologist but do not see him till the end of July I feel very depressed now and know I can not take any anti depressants it is all getting too much,my husband is not at all well and that is making my worries a lot worse.

Anyway sorry to go a bit but any help would be very VERY much appreciated


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  • Hi not sure if it will help but I take 1-2 Mirapexin before I go to bed that way it helps avoid RLS during the night + seems to cover me during the day, maybe just juggle around the timings of your tablets??

  • Soory to hear from you about your rLs I take 2 pramipexole and 2 codeine i think it has been a bit better nothing werce when you can't get any sleep I have a teens machine and that is worth a try it has help me hope this is a help good luck let me know if any help Tony

  • It is possible that the magnesium is blocking the Gabapentin. Try taking it in the morning or at least 3 hrs apart from the Gaba. Or try cutting it out altogether for a few days.

  • It might be better to take the pramipexole in the afternoon/evening? How long does the slow release last for (actually rather than what it says on the tin)? In your shoes I would be tempted to take some additional tramadol to get some sleep. It sounds pretty miserable.

  • Have you tried Ropinirole? I have found it excellent. PeNy

  • Poster is already on a dopamine agonists Mirapexin which is pretty much the same as Ropinerole x

  • I did try Mirapexin before ropinirole settled me and it made me quite queasy so stuck with the rop. Just hope it sees me out!

  • I really feel for you and wish you could find relief. It is the most debilitating condition and also maddening. You are certainly on a lot of different medica-tion - are they all for RLS? Perhaps there is one which throws all the others out? I'm so sorry and hope someone may be able to help you.


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