This works for me Amitriptyline !

AMITRIPTYLINE magic pill, for me at least. My 'twitching' comes on early evening through the night & before I started taking amitriptyline , living hell. I take two tabs around 6pm that sometimes holds off twitching all night, but not always so top up around 9pm2 or 3 more, usually works, go into spare room & sleep. May still twitch a bit but sleep through it.

Why has no one mentioned this treatment ? Ask your doctor to prescribe for you

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me. PS I also have Iron Overload...

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  • So glad the amitriptyline is working for you. I haven't tried it myself so can't comment directly but it is one of those substances that is generally considered to exacerbate rls symptoms ... how different we all are?

  • Amitriptyline is poison for most people with RLS. as it can make RLS 100% worse. Its on the list of meds to avoid. So, you are one of the lucky ones who can take it without it making your RLS worse.

  • I also take tramadol, I believe many people have problems with this drug... I guess I am very lucky. After seeing chanel 5 RLS I just wish something could be found to help those so badly suffering, I think I was lucky early diagnosis.

    Kind regaards, figit

  • Amitriptyline was one of the worst drugs I have ever tried for my RLS. I beg people to be cautious and start with a VERY low dose if you are prescribed it. I had nightmares and hallucinations before ending up in hospital for being so stupid, as my throat swelled and I could not swallow. Of course that was my own fault cos I thought I was being a wimp and "not persevering" as my Neurologist had previously indicated.

  • Wow ! I only take 10mg. tabs, guess I'm lucky no bad effects, moderation.?...& we are all different, Kind regards, Figit.

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