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I thought the programme on channel 5 tonight was excellent, I really felt for those poor people, how differently they coped all of them were very open about there feelings , I got very upset because so much of what they all said I have thought myself but not told anybody, I do have a wonderful husband but he has a lot of health issues himself and I do not want to worry him.

I do feel however that the programme could have mentioned if there were any causes, about the dopamine element to do with the brain and the drugs that are available although there are side effects. I know there is only so much you can inform in an hour. Are the people on the programme members of the Charity?


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  • My heart went out to them. I not only get RLS I also get it in my arms too ugh so annoying

  • Half a show - no one that had RLS all over their body and no one with RLS from birth, No mention of treatments, half a program, a decent enough show but only half of it!!!

  • like you raffs.i was expecting more from the program,there was no talk of treatment and how to cope in the middle of the night when you cannot even sit down

  • how could you say the program was good,having your toenails painted is hardly a cure.and how many times did we have to see the man hurting his feet?? what about how to cope in the middle of the night when you are so tired but you cannot stop your leg spasm.it is hell to go through

  • Totally agree I would have liked some answers to help us get some sleep and more how to manage rls

  • I'm actually quite glad I seen it because finding out that having your nails done was a cure for RLS means that I will no longer be wasting time treating my kids eczema with it, I was going through a small fortune painting her body every other day.

  • can anyone say that the program helped them with rls other than how to hurt your toes or paint nails. it seemed like a waste of a program wich could have been such a help to thousands of people, must go as my nails need another coat

  • I've become philosophical in my old age. How about you? Everything, and I mean everything happens for a reason. So here you are on this site and just think of all the steps it took for you to get here. Maybe everything that happened to you in your life was leading up to this moment in time?

    There's a search box in upper right hand corner here. Put in the words GillRLS, bisglycinate, and RLS. Enjoy!!!

  • Look for the post entitled "Amazing" once u do your search.

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