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Restless legs. Channel 5 programme


I missed the programme when it went out on Channel 5 and forgot to record it. I can't find it on Catch Up. Can anyone confirm whether they have found it on catch up? Thanks.

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Its NOT been shown yet. Look on some recent posts for when its being shown.



Fret not. ;) Restless Legs Syndrome Desperate for Help is not being shown until Tuesday 4 April on Channel 5 at 10.00 p.m.

You are so far ahead of yourself that you're behind.

Watch out you don't meet yourself coming back!

Well done for a novel way to remind us forgetful nitwits!😅

At least this program is being spread around EVERYWHERE. I , and my team, have spent the last few days posting it everywhere, and how people outside of the UK can view it.. Someone said on the RLS-UK Facebook page that this needs more advertising. I can promise we have made at least 8,000 people aware of this program, so far. Still have the whole weekend. Tell all your friends and family!! :) We will NEVER get a program as good as this one in the foreseeable future in the US. NO ONE is working on much on my side of the pond, so thank you to the RLS-UK for ALL of your work!! it is much appreciated!! It is like night and day dealing with "other" foundations, trust me. :)

Thank you everyone who let me know that I hadn't missed the programme as it is n't going out till next Tuesday. I will set my recorder! I am trying to find some answers for my husband who has suffered with RLS for years. He has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson disease and we are interested to find out whether the RLS is linked to this (and the lack of dopamine) Hopefully programme might provide some answers.

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Hi Netnot. i can tell you now, that RLS is not connected to having Parkinson disease. People with Parkinson's disease can go on to develop RLS. But having RLS doesnt not mean you will go on the develop PD, because of the RLS. With PD you will know that they lack dopamine, where as RLS have enough dopamine but it gets blocked to where it should reach. And of course RLSers can use the same meds as PD but much lower doses.

nightdancer in reply to Netnot

The difference between RLS and Parkinson's is this- Parkinson's is a LACK of dopamine being produced. With RLS we have PLENTY of dopamine, but our dopamine transport system is messed up, and when it reaches the blood brain barrier, it cannot be received into our brains. So, even though some of the same meds are used to treat both, the RLS does is tons lower than a Parkinson's dose. Two different things. having RLS does not mean you will get Parkinson's and having Parkinson's does not mean you will develop RLS for sure. We can have 2 different things going on at the same time, but one does not lead to the other, as of now with the facts that we have presently. Some web sites tend to hook them together, mistakenly, because some of the same meds are used.

First of all get in your time machine that you travelled to the future in and then dial it back to next week :)

It goes out at 10:00 pm this coming Tuesday

It's on tues this week channel four at 9pm any help for you

KaarinaAdministrator in reply to hudson48

Hi hudson,

The RLS documentary is on Channel 5 on Tuesday 4 April at 10.00 p.m. ;)

It seems like we have been waiting so long to see this. Not long now though!

hudson48 in reply to Kaarina

No wonder. Missed it silly mare

Hi if you go onto channel 5 + 1 you will catch the programme now

Yes, I watched it on catchup - googled it and got the link

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