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Magnesium has helped


I was taking one 4 hour Sudafed daily for allergies and inner ear. Doctor had me stop in October and start taking Magnesium. One or both of these actions Ihas helped immensely. It could be that I really didn't have RLS. But I had a lot of intense urges to move my legs especially at night and when sitting for more than a few minutes. Now almost no similar urges.I'm praying for all of you. It was horrible.

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iirc sudafed exacerbates RLS.

Glad things are better.

Madlegs1 in reply to raffs

+Raffs- getting off the sudafed would do wonders for your rls recovery. Good move by your Dr. Wish all rls problems were as simple to solve.

Thanks for sharing- may you have a most uninteresting life here on out!😆😎

Is it oral magnesium or a rub? Thanks

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