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I don't know if sufferers from restless leg syndrome have heard of putting a new tablet of soap in the bed, it does work, how not sure, something to do with irons. I needs to be a new tablet straight from the packet, after a while it can be revived by scratching the surface. The information can be found on Facebook, believe me if you suffer anything is worth a try, for me I have been using this a couple of months with perfect results.

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  • A very effective placebo.

    Well worth trying.

    The more arcane requirements, the better.

    For example- it must be Ivory soap, must be under the bottom sheet and so on.

  • I read a couple of years ago that it must be in a sock. I tried every wacky suggestion but no improvement.

    I've had a dreadful night with violent jerking lower body movements. Any ideas?

  • Lois- that's a whopper of a question!

    Just read through this site for hundreds of advices on what you can do.

    Best to open a new thread giving your history and medications so far.


  • Thank you Madlegs. I'd been up since 2a.m. And felt desperate. I do read everything on this forum and am taking magnesium, iron, Vit D and have been going to a cranial osteopath; all of which has helped but I'm away from home at the moment and my coping routine of short walks interspersed with sitting and saving my washing up and other standing chores for the evening cannot be followed.

    I have seen several GPs and a neurologist. He advised to up the Ropinerole. After feeling ill for a week I Went back to my previous dose and went back to the GP who wrote it on my notes but made no new suggestions.

  • Check out ''augmentation'

  • Sadly no, if I hear anything new , no matter how wacky, I will share. Good luck.

  • I tried this for a week, but it didn't make any difference. I tried it with high hopes, but nothing.

  • This is akin to saying to cancer suffers to rub an onion on their chest!

    I have had RLS since infancy and for the first 20 years of my life washed with soap, (before shower gel), the soap applied directly to legs never eased suffering. I want one person just one to give me one single solitary reason other than placebo why this could work. I have been told this by a Dr and almost told him to go f**k himself!!!

    try it if it works for you your mind is a powerful tool, if it doesn't work then make sure the next time you are told this works to point out the futility and silliness of it!!

    Sorry to sound harsh but I do really find this an insult to suffers!

  • Go easy, we're all on the same team here and if we know nothing else, we know that there is no single (or even necessarily logical) fix for what we suffer. This is the only help forum I'm aware of for RLS, so if we put people off, then they have nowhere else to go and they're suffering in isolation.

  • It's a pet peeve off mine as I have been told it so many times by people who stare blankly when asked to describe how it works and worse when told by people like Drs who are not treating us correctly anyway.

    Its been mentioned in several threads on this site:

    if in doubt use search!

  • My intention is only to share anything no matter how weird it may seem if it helps, personally I will try anything.

  • A bar of soap works for my cramps but not for RLS

  • This will be the last time I pass on anything I have heard that might help sufferers with RLS. I did say I didn't have any logical reason why it might work, but worth a try, but didn't expect insults, personally I would never dismiss anything, if desperate enough.

  • I have been told this at times I have been in agony yet when I ask why it works the best I've been told is scent molecules! As said a quick check of the search function would have shown the numerous times that information was posted and rejected, (apart from placebo effect but why bar of soap why not two walnuts?).

    I have often recommended cannabis to be told it is bad and shouldn't be used, I didn't feel the need to stop sharing information. Why would you stop helping others because of one persons response? Everyone else has been very accommodating to you!

  • I'm with you. Sometimes some people on this site seem to be a bit too harsh when you are only trying to be helpful. If your suggestion helps just ONE person, it is worth making, if only for that one person. Other people should not be so quick to veto any information or suggestions we give. After all, history of medicine and inventions and all sorts of other things shows that, often, one person's "crazy idea" or suggestion, or remark, etc., becomes the lightbulb moment that turns things in a new and successful direction. Without allowing people to speak up, we never get anywhere but where we already are. And if where we are is not working, then how is that helpful?

    The encouragement to speak up and feel safe in doing so is important. Otherwise, all we are doing here is griping, complaining, feeling sorry for each other, but never actually getting anywhere.

  • Hear, hear, thank you.

  • I hope you are doing ok we all have tried just about anything to get relief. RLS is so real and so painful I call it pain because that is what it is to me. I have tried soap bar before and rubs and nothing would change for me. If it were that simple I would love that 😌 Don't ever give up on how simple and idea is and everybody has their own way if coping with RLS whatever it is anyone tries and talks about its always great to share it because it may help someone and that's what it's all about. It's hard for all of us because we try to I call it live like normal people that can just lay down and go to sleep. I only wish that I could do that and I'm trying to stop my Meripex slowly and I will succeed Post what helps you because that's always a great thing whatever it is 😄 I just hope you keep on sharing and others help you to because that's how we learn

  • Thank you for that, I would like to mention something I saw on Facebook, it's knee length socks that have coppper incorporated in them. I'm not saying they are meant for RLS, but, they apparently give relief to aching and swollen legs, to my mind anything's worth a try, if one person can get relief it can only be a good thing. Good luck, I wish I had a magic wand


  • Please don't be too quick to knock the Placebo effect.

    As Raffs has said , the human mind is an incredibly powerful instrument , well capable of achieving quite incredible results- and especially so in the area of pain control.

    The fact that 'science' can't really fully explain it , doesn't lessen its power.

    There are numerous studies showing the effectiveness of placebo.

    Love you all!😀

  • Bless you

  • The soap thing has been around for ever. And it will be the placebo effect if you find it works for you. There is not a reason for it to work. Its just a bar of soap.

  • There are quite a few old "soap" threads on this forum which can be found by using the Search Box. Not many sufferers have found it has helped their RLS but there is no harm in trying. If the soap does not work it can always be put to good use in the sink/basin in the kitchen/bathroom so not all is lost and it is not an expensive item to buy and try.

  • Despite being a confirmed sceptic, I ordered a bunch of a special soap from the US on the off chance, and tried it for a week or so with absolutely no effect at all. I didn't like having great tablets of soap banging into my feet at the bottom of the bed, nor slices of it in my socks. But the type I received is a great toilet soap with a lovely fragrance, and that's how it's going to be used as long as stocks last.

  • Was the soap u ordered irish spring by any chance 😀

  • No, the bars are lavender scented, according to the box, and the chips something called tea olive. I might try them in a salad - or better, in the washing machine :-)

  • Oh, just I tried the soap in bed too but it was irish spring recommended which needed to b ordered from america, didnt work for me either

  • Just simple soap. I've been poo hooed by many sufferers, in fact some have been quite rude. My thinking is anything is worth a try.

  • Hi halogen,

    I am sorry if you have been offended by some of the remarks regarding the "soap theory". It has been mentioned frequently on this forum over time and some longstanding members and those members whose quality of life has/is being severely affected by RLS may roll their eyes on seeing yet another "soap" posting.

    A few sufferers do maintain it helps with their symptoms, even if only for a short while. Many of us have already tried the soap theory whether we readily admit it or not. We try anything, within reason and soap is not expensive and has other merits if proved unsuccessful in helping with RLS symptoms. It is working for you and that is grand news. Long may it last. :)

    Do continue posting. :)


  • Thanks for sharing. If it works for you that's great but it didn't work for me. Perhaps, like with the copper bracelets, my level of expectation was not high enough

  • aye if only lol.

  • Rather like the wet socks in bed...quite cooling, but really !! towels etc neede to keep from getting the mattress wet....if anything a distraction to keep you more awake !! You have to laugh....

  • Perhaps soap works for some but not all. Someone must have thought it worked for the story to be repeated so often. I haven't tried it because I can't see the logic of it but I dont deny others experience.

    There is another very good forum on RLS at a UK site called

    I would like to suggest that many people's RLS is related to IBSand that an diet developed by Monash University in Australia to help IBS also helps RLS. I am not symptom free but 90% better than I was a year ago and I attribute that to following their FODMAP diet. This is serious stuff and you shouldn't bother with it unless you seriously want to be rid of your RLS. It is not just a matter of eating healthy food and in my opinion is probably not particularly healthy so you need to do it with the help of a good doctor or a dietician who really knows about it. There are probably IBS clinics around where you live that can recommend a dietician.

    My advice if you try it is to be absolutely strict with yourself. For example I have found that I have developed lactose intolerance but I would think that I could "get away" with one cup of coffee per day. Perhaps I used to be able to but not now. I have to drink my coffee with almond milk or lactose free cow's milk. BUT to me its worth it to get a good 6 hours sleep a night.

    Going to bed before I am, really tired also seems to help.

    Be warned that the FODMAP diet apparently only helps about 70% of people with IBS so there is no reason to believe its success rate will be much different with RLS. I know of 5 people who have had complete to moderate success with the diet but at least it made a difference .

    It costs nothing to googlwe FODMAP diet and see what you find.

    Good luck


  • Thank you very much, I will take a look. Continued success with it.


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