Watched a few videos on utube and a few came up regarding putting soap next to your bed as it seems to help restlesslegs. Thought I'd try it out. Although still taking my medication my legs were still acting up. Tried this on Monday night for 1st time and ever night since. I've had the best nights sleep in years last 3 nights. I used pears soap. No idea how this works or why?

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  • Hi kmadden

    We get quite a few threads on this as you will see if you type in soap in the Search box. Long may it work for you.

  • Well known scientific principle of Placebo. A very effective medication.

    Ivory soap is supposed to work best.

    But my own opinion ( FWIW) is that Madascascan cloves should be inserted into the soap before putting the bar under silk sheets. Only cloves picked under a waning moon by 50 yr old virgins are really effective.

    Everyone should try it.

  • You neglected to mention the cloves must be opened using your left hand after it has been soaked in rose water for at least 30 mins, (60 mins is best but 30 if you are pressed for time).

    The soap should be placed FACE UP on the bed after rotating it 476 degrees ANTI-CLOCKWISE - you really don't want to do this clockwise, well not if you want to stay in bed!!!

    I am going to be a bit controversial here and say that the cloves should really be mixed 50/50 Madascascan and Tanzanian, plenty will argue not but trust me on this one, you will notice the difference.

    Good luck

  • Raffs- as usual , you are so well informed on these esoteric subjects.

    Impressive research capabilities.

    Is there potential for making a quick buck out of this?


  • Not worth the effort, to prepare the soap right it takes a good 17 hours, and I can't see many paying that, although if you wont pay £145.16 for a bar of soap to help your legs you can't be too serious about getting well - for my legs I would never wash them in soap that hasn't cost over £200 :)

    Madlegs1 you too could be as educated as me. I am offering a diploma in Soapolgoy and soap management for a special offer of only £999.99, yes you have read that right for less than £1000, (or if you care to look at it for less than a Tory politician spends on one week of rent boys).

    Learn scent molecule identification, correct positioning of soap and sourcing of proper organic cloves among the many other very practical classes, such as rope weaving, (for soap on a rope) and penis mould making - satisfy even the most demanding hen party.

    There is a four year Sumerian language course that runs concurrently so as to enable the student to properly research the origins of soap in ancient Babylon. That does involve a trip to Iraq but bullet proof jackets and Jihadi repellent shorts are extra, although we will show you how to make roadside bomb repellent soap before that trip - we're not fools!!!

    One of our lectures used to work for Dove and another came up with the design for the box of Imperial Leather so you know you are among the elites of the trade.

    Spaces are limited so its a first come first served basis, (although I'll keep a spot for you open until the start of July).

  • Well.........I'm in, where do I sign up. Do you take Paypal??? ...........

  • Sorry Gmc54, no Paypal, I don't trust them!

    Now who I do trust is my new friend Prince Alyusi Islassis of Nigeria. He and I became friends just last week after he contacted me needing help to secure his funds outside of Nigeria and get this for the simple task of letting him keep his money in my account I get 4 million dollars :)

    SO to share my good fortune I am going to through in the Sumerian language course FREE, yes that's right FREE to the first 100 who send me the low low sum of £999.99.

    Please address to:


    c/o Prince Alyusi Islassis

    21 Easy St


  • I am re-thInking this, I'm not sure I would look good in Jihadi repellent's a style I've never tried before........😜

  • The shorts aren't a must but when you feel that steel bite into the back of your neck you'll be cursing yourself!

    They come in a variety of colours all of which compliment the jackets.

  • Ok, money sent. I choose the cerise pink shorts with a purple lace trim.......with matching jacket of course

  • Wow! Aren't you an expert ?!! ;)

  • You think the same as me about the soap raffs

  • I only put this thread up as it's worked for me so far. I'm not a doctor or a scientist. Long may it last for me. I'll try anything to rid myself of this or at least ease it. I'm not trying to sell anything only to give information that may help other sufferers

  • Kmadden21- we welcome your post and reporting back- don't get us wrong.

    Placebo is a scientifically proven medication- and very effective.

    Thats why raff and meself take it so seriously- and get a little laugh out of it as well.

    If we don't retain a tiny part of our sense of humour with this continuous affliction - then we are truly lost.

    I believe there are lurkers on this site who are only here to read raffs thoughts- on those rare occasions when he gets to have any. -- I blame the Kratom mostly😉

    @raffs- I might be up in Mena for the marching season- so - yeah- I might take a place - if I can leave the drum in your garage for a few days!😆

  • Oh I normally take refuge on the 12th - I have a big hole dug in the garden and I spend that week hiding out playing Men Behind the Wire at full volume 18 hours a day, ( then 6 hours of Abba to lighten the mood).

    +1 on the Placebo and +15 on the sense of humour. Chronic ill health will rob us of many things but we need to keep up beat:

    I see my fellow suffers here in defence of RLS... Aye, lie down and you may kick. Run and you'll have peace -- at least a while. And rolling in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our RLS that you may take our sleep, but you'll never take our humour!

    Now just imagine me sitting proudly on a horse in a nice kilt screaming that - ladies you may imagine me naked, (but if you do please imagine me with a really nice body).

    kmadden21 I am delighted the soap works for you, long LONG may it last.

  • I've had so many experiments that work for a short time - probably placebo but great for the few days and nights it works. Once you know its a placebo is it no longer effective? If it is it must be mind over matter! How do we make ourselves always capable of that?

  • We can make ourselves believe just about anything - take a look at denial among serious drinkers.

    If you look at the US and UK recently millions made themselves believe that multi millionaires understand what it is like to be poor and that politicians will actually change anything!

  • I put any old bar of any fragrant soap in a sock, in bed and lodge it under whichever leg is jumping. On quiet nights the soap just ends up under or around me. Does it work? If so how? Who cares - RLS is such a nightmare, I just do it and maybe get some relief. It is so easy to do. Easier than wearing tights! Google that! Is it VooDoo? Maybe, but maybe it just does SOMETHING. It seems that the medical researchers are only able to offer us scientific VooDoo. And the bed smells good!

  • I hope you are taking our banter with the intent it is meant kmmadden21. It's just when you have suffered as much as a lot of us have, we have heard the 'soap treatment' mentioned so many times. I hope it continues to work for you.

    We've had a bit of a giggle, but it is most definitely NOT aimed at you personally.

  • Here here.

  • I even tried the peanut butter thing mentioned on here a week or so ago, as expected no help for me.

  • What's the peanut butter thing?

  • Thanks B.

    I like the idea of eating the peanut butter, now if only some kind lady will allow me the use of their body to eat the peanut butter from :) ;)

  • Keep dreaming ;)

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